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Tau Ceti


System: Tau Ceti

Primary Star: Tau Ceti

Stellar Type: G8V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 11.9 ly

Constellation: Cetus

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 1.5 Billion



The Tau Ceti system is one of the closest systems to Sol.  Planet Terraceti was one of the earliest human colonies, shortly after Alpha Centauri ships were on there way to Tau Ceti.  Planet Olympus in the Alpha Centauri system has high gravity, the planet is dry, and strange weather patterns caused by the two suns.  Terraceti is the complete opposite with low gravity, nice weather, and most of the planet is water, this made the colony a utopia compared to the early Olympus colony.  As word spread back to Earth of the beauty of the planet colonists began coming here in large numbers.  Population grew quickly during the First Colonization Period.  Growth slowed down during the second and third colonization periods as people left Tau Ceti in search of other worlds.  Today the system holds a large and stable population, and is one of the United Worlds Council Worlds.





Novaceti may have once been an earthlike world early in this old system’s history.  An underground complex was built in order to study the planet and life that may have once lived here.  Shortly after the complex was built the ground shifted causing an earthquake that cut off the lower section from the upper.  Nobody knows what happened in the lower section but rumors say that just before the quake the scientists had found something amazing.  Today the entire Novaceti complex is abandoned and no one is allowed to enter because it is extremely unstable and dangerous, and it’s anyone’s guess what might lie in there.







The earthlike world of Terraceti was one of the earliest human colonies.  The planet is a mountains world with lots of water.  The low gravity creates extremely high mountains similar to the ones on Mars.  Early colonists found Terraceti a utopia compared to the colonies on Alpha Centauri.  High oxygen, low gravity, decent temperatures (though the planet can get very cold) made settling this world easy.







Frozen ice covered world with a thin atmosphere.  The planet has been looked at before as a terraforming candidate because of its high amount of ice and thin atmosphere, though would most likely be impossible because the planet is too cold.







The Tau Ceti system’s largest planet.  Magnus is a hydrogen helium gas giant similar to Jupiter.  The planet contains large deposits of helium-3







Algidus is a Saturn sized ice giant similar to Neptune and Uranus.  The planet is distant and has little to offer.






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