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Story of the DarkSands Universe





What is the DarkSands Universe?

DarkSands Universe is a science fiction project with the goal of creating imaginative worlds.







Why was the DarkSands Universe created

There is no specific reason that this universe is being created, other than a place for realistic space art.





DarkSands Universe Storyline

The DarkSands Universe falls under the assumption that ancient societies of Earth once possessed the ability of interstellar travel.  This universe imagines what planets would look like if settled by humans 1000's of years ago.  The universe contains many worlds inhabited by various races of humanity.








The encyclopedia is a place where various terms commonly used across the site can be explained in detail.







DarkSands Universe Timeline

There is no set time or date in the universe, though it is assumed that most of the stories take place in a time after humanity of Earth rediscovers interstellar travel.







Site Navigation

The DarkSands website is broken up into 4 different sections (home, worlds, encyclopedia, story).  Right now the bulk of the site is in the World section, where the many star systems of the universe are laid out alphabetically.


Work is being done on the site to expand the story and encyclopedia sections.








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