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The Yamine System is known as the birthplace of the Ghostarian Religion.  The teachings of the religion influence the primary planet's government and society.  Shrouded under a permanent layer of thick clouds, the primary world is a secluded and mysterious place.






A thick atmosphere protects the primary planet's surface from the the intense radiation of the parent star.  The majority of the surface is covered in grasslands, though much of the planet's water is disappearing because the planet is heating up.  It's believed that the planet is slowly turning into a Venus like world.






The primary planet of the Yaron System is a quiet world home to an ancient population.  When the first human settlers from the Bellatrix Region arrived, they found an indigenous population living in communities of stone houses.  The native population adapted to the culture of the newcomers growing into one society.






The primary planet of the Yawar system is a habitable, desert world.  The majority of the planet's surface is covered in various, sandy deserts, separated by dry, mountain ranges.  The planet contains a little amount of liquid water, located entirely in surface lakes and underground aquifers.






The Yazatas System is located in the heart of the Capricorn Region.  The system's primary planet has seen steady growth throughout its history, as waves of ships have brought new colonists to the planet in droves.  The planet's land areas are separated into 2 major continents and 1 smaller minor continent sandwiched between the two.





Yed Prior

Yed Prior is a red giant located in the outer regions of the Spica Region.  The systems primary world is in its last stages of being habitable, as the sun is quickly growing larger.  The planet's cities and population are centered around the last remaining ocean, which was once spread across the majority of the planet during the star's early red giant stage.






Yorkshire's primary planet is an agricultural world.  The planet has gently rolling terrain, mineral rich soil, and long growing seasons, these factors aided the planet's quick growth in large-scale agriculture development.  Large cities are rare across Yorkshire's surface, as much of it covered in farm lands and small communities





YZ Ceti

The primary planet of the YZ Ceti system orbits the star less than 0.1 AU away and is tidally locked.  The planet has a somewhat mild climate located in the star's narrow habitable zone.  Despite the temperature the planet is inhospitable to humans due its carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere, and the flares from the parent star.



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