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Achernarian Prime

The history of Acherarian Prime's primary planet of the same name, dates back over a thousand years. Though the planet's surge to power as the Achernar Region center came after the rise of interstellar travel. Rich in culture, the planet transformed from what was once a sleepy, quiet world to regional center over a short period of time.






AD Leonis

The young world of AD Leonis B has yet to fully cool since the planets formation.  The planet's surface is volcanically active, parts of the surface are still molten.  The planetary system orbits a dim m-type red dwarf.






Aethra is a system with a habitable world near the center of the Hyades Cluster, the sky of the primary planet is filled with the bright stars of the Hyades.  Aethra's location, near the center of the Hyades Region, has allowed it to grow a large population.  Aethra was originally settled by a group of outcasts that had formed a religious cult.







Alanaterra is a large, tropical world orbiting an orange k-class star.  The planets surface is separated into 6 jungle covered continents.  Dense jungles, filled with deadly insects, plants, and animals sprawl across most of the planet's land areas.






The planet Albali is a water covered planet orbiting a blue/white A-class star.  The young planet has a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere.  Underneath the clouds lies an endless ocean pelted by radiation from the harsh sun.






Aldebaran's primary planet is a gas giant orbited by a habitable moon.  The moon was once an icy covered world located far outside the habitable zone.  As Aldebaran exploded into a giant star, the system's habitable zone extended outward, placing the planet and the moon directly in the middle.







Aldvia is a close binary system orbited by a planetary system, as well as a thick belt of icy comets.  The primary planet orbits both stars in the close binary system at a distance of over 15 AU.  The planet contains deposits of uranium and plutonium located deep under the various ice layers.






Alpha Centauri

A triple star system known for being the closest star system to Earth. The components of the system are 2 sun-like stars separated by an average distance of 24 AU,  with a distant red dwarf companion 15,000 AU away.  The Alpha Centauri System contains multiple planets with the primary being an earth-like world named Tellus (Alpha Centauri Bd). 






Alpha Mensae

Alpha Mensae is a yellow g-class star located only 33 ly from Sol.  The system's primary planet is Yasirah, a large ice covered terrestrial world with over 2 times Earth's mass.  A small colony has grown on the planet despite the harsh conditions.






The primary planet of the Alsafi system is Locked in an ice age, polar ice caps cover large sections of the northern and southern hemispheres.  The terrain of the surface slopes gently down towards the equator, ice covered highlands in higher latitueds turn into grasslands and tundra in lower latitudes, a large ocean runs roughly across the equator.  The majority of the population live in wetter, warmer coastal areas near the equator.







The Alshain System was first settled as an original Terran Colony.  The primary planet is a water covered world dotted with green, tropical islands.  The planet was once frozen in layers of ice, but as the sun grew into a subgiant, the ice slowly melted forming the global ocean that now covers the planet.






Alula Australis

The complicated system of Alula Australis contains two main stars both with red dwarfs orbiting close to them.  The mountainous world of Axia orbits the yellow larger star Aa and the red dwarf Ab.  Both stars can be moving across the sky during the day.








Ambrosia was once believed to be top candidate for an interstellar colony, with a large ocean and a green continents.  Though looks can be deceiving, upon closer inspection the planets atmosphere contains large amounts of sulfur compounds, arsenic, and other poisonous gasses from a recent period of intense volcanic activity.






Ana Abbey

The primary planet of the Ana Abbey System is a pleasant, beautiful world with a mild climate across much of the surface. The planet’s main continent, located in the northern hemisphere, is covered covered in lush, rolling, low rise mountain ranges.  Sprawled across Ana Abbey’s mountain sides are thousands of vineyards.







Anadora is one of the key systems in the Bellatrix Region.  Anadora's primary planet was settled by a mixture of colonists from the Betelgeuse and Bellatrix Regions.  The resource rich world quickly became the site of numerous violent conflicts, between the various groups of colonists.







Ancha's primary planet was settled by numerous off-world mining companies looking to extract metals from the planet’s mountains. They established a network of mining operations across the surface.  A limited number of the early operations did find success and small profits, this caused the operations to expand at a rapid pace.







The Androgeus System first settlers came from the nearby Hyades.  The system's primary planet is a harsh, dry world, nevertheless numerous colonization efforts were made with varying levels of success.  Many of the early colonists perished while a permanent society struggled to take hold.






Anserian Prime

Anserian Prime is the center of the Anser Region. The system’s habitable primary planet is home a large and diverse population with a long history of human habitation. The planet is the region’s hub for technology, agriculture, and industry.  Anserian Prime is a medical innovator in the inner sphere, one of the leaders in medical science and technology.







The primary planet of the Aquaria system was originally settled as a resort world for the Schemali Region's elite.  Pleasant temperatures mixed with calm weather over much of the planet made it very appealable for both colonists and tourists.  Resorts spread across the planet's tranquil coastlines.







The Arazius system is a multi planet system orbiting a g-class star in the Polaris region.  The star is brighter than sol despite being in the same spectral class; this is due to the older age of the Arazius sun.  Arazius contains three inner planets (a super earth, and two gas giants) surrounded by an asteroid belt.






Arcturus is a red giant with a mass similar to Sol's, Arcturus can be viewed as an advanced version of Sol.  Arcturus's primary planet was the one of the earliest settlements outside Earth by the Terrans.  Waves of colony ships travelled to Arcturus looking to build a large-scale, permanent population.







Assyra is a planetary system orbited by two gas giants.  The larger of the planets, Assyria, contains over 16 times Jupiter's mass, the large planet borders on being a brown dwarf.  The massive planet orbits along the outside edge of the habitable zone and is orbited by a habitable moon.







The Asterius System lies near along the outer edges of the Hyades Cluster.  The system's primary planet is a young world with barren continents the lack any signs of serious erosion.  The surface of the planet's land areas are mostly barren, with mosses and algae covering the planet's wetter, coastal regions.







The primary planet of the Asura System is a semi-tropical world, which is one of the population centers of the Izar Region.  The planet experienced growth as colonization was spreading throughout the region.  Asura is an important manufacturing center, the planet is home to numerous large companies and factories.






August Wind

August Wind was first settled by colonists from Triangulum and Mirach Regions.  Settlers were drawn to the primary planet due to it's ideal, temperate climate across much of the surface, along with it's exquisite coastlines.  The planet grew a population into the billions as it developed into a resort world.







Avalona's primary planet is a world that is cooler than Earth, snow can occur even in the tropics.  Thick ice caps over the north and south poles, they cover the planet's two smaller continents.  The large primary continent stretches along the equator and experiences planet's most comfortable climates.







Axius is a trade junction connecting worlds in the Nihal Region with worlds in the Achernar Region.  Trade ships and merchants are a common site in Axius, with most traversing the system's busy jump stations.  The primary planet of the Axius System is a pleasant world which has quietly grown a substantial population.







Azarus is the center of the Canopous region.  As the population on the primary planet started to swell, the small yet dense world started to quickly overcrowd.  Oceans were drained to create more land areas to ease the rapid growth.  Eventually the small world was covered with an ecumenopolis, a planet wide continuous city covering nearly the entire surface.







The Azazel System is a six planet system in the Canopus/Adara region.  The systems primary planet is Azazel D a earthlike world orbited by an industrialized moon.  The planet is one of the major manufacturing centers in the galaxy.



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