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Acropolis City, Nialone

Acropolis City is the most populous city and capital of the planet Nialone, with a population of over 10 million.  It is a sprawling metropolis perched on top of cliffs overlooking the great Central Ocean.





Anti-gravity is the idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity.




Anti-Gravity Drive

The anti-gravity drive is the primary drive used for propulsion of spacecraft.  The drive works by using superconductors in a monatomic state which exert force on the Zero Point Field, creating a reaction which can be used for propellantless flight and clean energy.  This drive makes faster-than-light space travel possible.




Carthon, General Markus

Famous general who defended  the planet Herculia from an invading during while the wormhole was being constructed there.  The planet General Carthon was named after him.




Cinderellaville, Parusia

Popular city on the planet Parusia B often considered a playground for the rich and famous.  The city is famous for its fruit trees, imported from throughout the galaxy, that grow throughout the city.




Dokora City, Freeworld

City on the planet Freeworld that was burned to the ground by the Orion Alliance in the invasion  during the Betelgeuse War.  General Dokora liberated the planet from the Alliance, and the city was rebuilt and named in his honor.




Dokora Memorial, Eudora

Memorial built on Eudora after General Dokora's death.  Dokora helped establish the colony on Eudora.




Dokora, General

General Dokora was a famous general for his actions both during and after the Betelgeuse War.  During the war he lead a force that liberated the planet Freeworld from the Orion Alliance.  After the war ended he disagreed with the imperial nature of the United Worlds, in hopes of breaking Hyadia's commitment to them, he rose up with a small force and attacked the capital city.  Dokora seized control of the city for a short time but eventually lost.  He escaped Hyadia and fled to Eudora, with a small group of followers they started a colony on the planet.  Dokora was caught a few years later and sent to trial on Hyadia.



Sons of the Universe

The Sons of the Universe are an eccentric religious often considered to be the plague of the Canopus Region.  They believe strongly in their Prophecy that states if they cleanse all worlds in the universe of the nonbelievers, they will advance to the next level of life and become immortal.  The sons believe that those who don’t believe in their prophecy must either be converted or they will be killed.





Superconductivity is a phenomenon occurring in certain materials generally at very low temperatures, characterized by exactly zero electrical resistance and the exclusion of the interior magnetic field.





A wormhole is basically a shortcut through space allowing for faster travel between stars.  Spacetime can be viewed as a 2D surface, and when 'folded' over, a wormhole bridge can be formed. A wormhole has at least two mouths which are connected to a single throat or tube.  Wormholes are created by two large rotating rings which connect different stars.  Wormholes are expensive to build and maintain leaving only a handful in the galaxy.  There are wormholes at the center of each region.





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