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The Zarathustra System was settled by colonists from Izaria, the system's habitable primary planet has grown a substantial population and is one of the region's centers.  Zarathustra's planets orbit the red dwarf sun.  Zarathustra's Primary Planet is a habitable, terrestrial world covered in 60% water






The Zarya System is one of the powers of the Trianglum Region. The system's primary planet has developed into a manufacturing center, exporting commodities to other worlds throughout the region. With a thriving and important economy, Zarya has grown a significant population into the billions.






Zaurak's primary planet exists under the bright light of the massive, red giant sun.  The planet's surface is a scorched wasteland rich in valuable metals.  Numerous mining colonies have been established located in enclosed cities, which are spread across sections of the planet's surface.






Zavijava's primary primary is a relatively dry world.  The planet's atmosphere is dominated by carbon dioxide, with lesser amounts of nitrogen and oxygen.   Indigenous life on the planet is limited mostly mosses and lichen, which are beginning to convert the carbon dioxide atmosphere into oxygen.  Intense winds are common across the surface, in the areas beyond the tropics these winds can create large ice and dust storms.






Zelinia is a world that has gone through a transformation. The planet was Once the industrial and manufacturing center of the region. Pollution covered much the land, while dilapidated cities stretched out along the land masses. Major reforms went into effect during a period locally known as The Awakening. Their goal was to diversify the economy and clean up the planet.






Zellawood is a five planet system orbiting an orange k-class star.  The primary world is a forest covered planet.  Large advanced cities home to millions rise out of the forests, they neighbor a primitive society that lives in the deep in the woods unaware of their urbanized neighbors.





Zenobian Prime

Zenobian Prime is the center of the Nihal Region.  The system has a long history and diverse history dating back over a thousand years.  Zenobian Prime's primary planet is the commercial and economical center of the Nihal Region.  Despite having a long history and society, Zenobian Prime is a melting pot of many cultures.





Zeta Doradus

Small system in the Inner Region.





Zeta Reticuli

A wide binary system consisting of two sun-like g-class stars in the Inner Region.  A three planet system orbits Zeta² Reticuli.  The system’s primary world is a water covered named Leviathan after the Hebrew mythological creature.  The planet's surface is over 95% water, islands dotted across the massive oceans make up the only land areas.





Zeta Tucanae

Zeta Tucanae was settled by Terran colonists looking to profit off the system's minerals.  The system is home to a mineral rich moon which orbits an icy planet.  Mining colonies were established on the moon, but failed to ever become profitable.  Despite numerous attempts, much of the minerals are too expensive to extract and export.






The Zurapha System was settled by Polarian Prime as a mining colony.  The system's two inner terrestrial worlds are both rich in valuable metals.  Numerous large mines were setup across the surface, the metals were exported back to Polarian Prime.



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