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Star Systems
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Large enclosed city orbiting a g class star.






The Planet gets its name after the large gardens built in enclosed eviroments, which can simulate the conditions of numerous planets.  Different plants from around the galaxy are grown inside the gardens.






Geminora is a 6 planet system in the Betelgeuse region.  Throughout its history, Geminora has been largely peaceful, free of wars and violence that plague the majority of human controlled planets.  The Geminora people believe in peace and pacifism, they believe in balance with nature and industrial needs.  This balance has allowed their planet to stay beautiful even with a swiftly growing population.





Genora Carthon

The primary planet of Genora Carthon is bitter cold, covered in ice, and barely habitable by human standards.  The planet was originally settled by exiled war criminals from the planet Herculia.  Due the conditions on the planet, many thought the exiled war criminals would perish within a generation.  The criminals survived and the human population grew on the planet.





Gliese 832

Gliese 832 is a 2 planet system surrounded by a large icy comet belt, orbiting a red dwarf star 16 ly from Earth.  Gliese 832 C orbits on the inner edge of the habitable zone, it was once believed the planet could contain life.  The planet is a too warm and too dry for widespread life, though there are simple organisms living on the cooler night side.



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