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Rainbow Tautontis

The Rainbow Tautontis system is a binary system with an f-class and an m-class star.  The red m-class star orbits the other at an average distance of 40 au.  There are three planets orbiting the larger star and a narrow asteroid belt.  The system contains a hot Jupiter that migrated inward while the planets were forming.  The rainbow name comes from the primary planet whose usually bright aurora creates a rainbow effect in the planets atmosphere.






System located near the Helix Nebula.






Rama contains two stars, a brighter yellow g-class star similar to Sol, and a dim orange k-class star.  Rama has had rough history, the first colonists arrived and built a small colony of a few hundred.  They were all killed by deep space raiders passing through the system.  A second colony few thousand was established a few years later, and flourished for nearly a decade.  90% of the colony was killed when a strange disease was brought by off world traders.






The people of Rand isolated themselves off from the rest of the galaxy, they were forgotten about for nearly two centuries.  The planet grew hidden from the other worlds until recently it was rediscovered by an exploration vessel from Izaria.  They found a strange society that lacked any technology, they were similar to early cultures on Earth.  Slowly Rand has been adapting to technology, and the culture of the galaxy.






The primary planet of the Rathe system is a terrestrial world with a carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The surface in continuous dry desert, its most noticeable feature is large chasm that cuts its way across the flat surface.  The atmosphere contains very little oxygen meaning its inhabits need breathing apparatuses to survive.






The Rathien Corporation established a small colony on the planet, they were engineering a powerful nanovirus in order to study its effects on mammals.  The virus escaped from an underground lab and spread across the planet.  A number of scientists died from the virus while the others escaped.  Today the entire planet  has been quarantined off, while a small group of scientists live in orbit studying the dangerous virus on the surfacae.






The planet Rayne has seen numerous major climate changes in its short lifetime.  The parent sun is in a rare yellow giant stage and has grown much larger, it was originally a brighter f-class star.  The sun's growth has stressed the atmosphere of Rayne, causing the planet dry and evaporating most of its oceans.






Redlands is a cool dry world with low gravity, the planet has similarities to Mars.  Redlands in known for the deep canyon that runs its way across half the planet.  The canyon is called the Great Chasm and is one of the deepest in the galaxy.






Redradge's primary planet is a terrestrial world that was once rich in valuable metals.  Extensive mining operations extracted much of the planet's treasured resources.  They were carried out with little regard for the planet's environment, which was poisoned with sulfur gasses and arsenic.






Reinholder is a cold, dry world orbiting a yellow/white f-class star.  The planets surface has two small oceans with most of the land covered in desert.  High winds blow large dust and ice storms that can cover large sections of the planet.  The planets economy is based on factories that build anti-matter weapons.






World in the Mirphak region.






Reyhome's primary planet is a warm, humid world with a thick atmosphere.  The planet become the prime beneficiary of overcrowding in the nearby Azarus system.  As Azarus system quality of life began to suffer, millions looked to escape that world in search of a new home, Reyhome was the prime candidate





Rho Coronae Borealis

The Rho Coronae Borealis System is one of the older systems in the galaxy.  Today the system still has a large and thriving population unlike many of the systems in the inner region.  Planet B and the system’s kuiper belt were first discovered in the 21st century, and planet c was theorized for a long time before being proven.  Two Earth-like moons orbit around planet c; this is where most of population lives.






Home of the dreaded Winged Tigerclaw, a giant flying animal with a wingspan of nearly 20 meters (65 feet), and razor sharp claws.  They can be seen flying in groups of three or four and are known to be very aggressive.  Populations of the animals have grown significantly smaller since the arrival of humans, who have hunted the animals both for entertainment and their valuable claws.






The primary planet of the Rondo System is a large water covered world. Various floating cities are spread across the vast ocean. Rondo was one of the first worlds to pioneer the technology of cities that float on water. Floating platforms are used as a base, buildings are then constructed on top of them.






The planet sits between the Shalimar and the Betelgeuse Region.  This isolated world has always been an important link between the two regions.






Runeworld is a cloud covered world in the Izar Region.  Hidden under thick sulfur clouds sits a small population of 1 million people.  The warm dry world once housed some of the galaxies worst criminals.  The planet was one of the last places anyone wanted to go.  Eventually the prisons were closed down and the world began to change its image.






The city Rupelaville is built on a active supervolcano caldera on the planet Rupel.  The planets entire population live inside the city.  The city is powered by the extreme geothermal energy of the caldera, which also warms up the region creating a green oasis in the frozen landscape of the rest of the planet.  The city contains a neo-gothic architecture to all of its buildings.







The planet Ryana is a humid, warm, earthlike world.  When the settlers first came to this place they found a world covered in dense forests, and as these forests were cut down rich soil for farmland was revealed.



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