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The primary planet of the Xaleza system is a tropical world rich in natural resources.  Off world companies have looked to profit off exploiting the planet's resources, they have stripped the world with little regard for it's people or environment..






The Xamaba System was first settled by transient explorers in the Betelgeuse Region, who were moving from world to world.  They established a small colony on Xamaba's primary planet, then moved on to another world.  A few of the explorers stayed behind and grew into the now permanent population.






A hot, muggy world home to an ancient society who created the Xanthian Doctrine.  Long before the doctrine spread across the galaxy it was first practiced on Xanthe.  The Xanthian's believed in worshipping the elements, they built thousands of temple dedicated to the elements spread across the planet's surface.






Xaviera is a five planet system orbiting a subgiant star.  Home to a long established society over 1,000 years old.  Originally the established as a colony during the same period as nearby Paentora, the primary planet's population has since grown into the billions.






Xenophon is a binary system that's located in an isolated part of the Fornax Region.  The system's primary planet was used primarily as an outpost for interstellar smugglers.  They channeled out an intricate system of caves, deep under the planet's icy surface.  Originally established as a science base, the scientists quickly abandoned the world as the smugglers took control.






The Xeonus system consists of three planets and a red m-class star.  The star is bright for a red dwarf but is still much dimmer than other stars.  The primary world of Xeonus A sits 0.469 au from the star, just inside the orbit of Mercury in the Sol system.  The habitable zone of most red dwarfs sit extremely close to the star, but because of Xeonus’s brightness the habitable lies a bit farther out allowing Xeonus A to rotate and not be tidally locked.





Xi Pegasi

Inner Region system.





Xi Scorpii

Multiple star system.




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