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Dalasana's primary planet is an agrarian world, the planet's surface is divided into tracts of arable land. The system lies in an location that lacks any strategic importance, this made the primary planet nothing more than a sleepy agricultural world for eons.






The Daliasunta System sits near the center of the Spica Region.  The system started as a small outpost located on the earth-like planet E.  The system's central location in the Spica Region aided it's quick growth during the following years.  The planet's population grew into on the larger ones in the Spica Region.






Originally established as a trade outpost, Damos started to flourish as it quickly transitioned into a trade center.  Damos strategic location aided its swift growth, outside worlds funneled exuberant amounts of resources to develop and terraform the primary planet's desert surface.







Dantian's primary planet is a vast desert world rich in valuable metals.  There are numerous seas of liquid water on the surface, but the majority of the planet's water is located underground in hidden oceans.  The water seeps to the surface in various locations creating green wetlands and oasis's.







Daredus is an icy world on the outer fringes on the inner sphere, which is a bit too cold for any long term liquid water on the surface.  Atrocious ice storms are common on the surface, these deadly storms constantly pummel the hardened colonists.






The Dargold System's primary planet was settled by a group of scientists who wanted to study the young world.  The young, still forming world was common throughout the Hyades Region, though the system's location made it a primary target for a long-term scientific mission.






The Darina System is lies in a important location midway between the centers of the Polaris Region and Hercules Region.  The system has always been crossroads for those travelling between the two regions.  The system's primary planet is often ignored by travellers who simply pass through the system







The primary planet of the Davidson System is an extremely cold world.  The planet's frozen surface is covered in a complex system of various, carton dioxide, and methane ices.  Deep below the surface vast supplies of fuel and mineral resources exist.





Planet Novaterra of the Delta Pavonis System

Delta Pavonis

The Delta Pavonis system consists of 7 planets that orbit a yellow subgiant star near Sol.  The primary planet is called Novaterra is a world similar to Earth.  Novaterra was the location of the first, large-scale, colonization project.

Surface of Novaterra







Delta Trianguli

Delta Trianguli is a close binary system in which the system's planets orbit both stars.  Delta Trianguli's lush primary planet is covered in dense, coniferous forests.  The planet is similar to an earlier earth during the carboniferous period.  The double suns, moving in unison, dominate the daytime skies.





Deneb Kaitos

Early in the system's history the moon orbiting the primary planet was covered in ice.  As the sun grew into an orange giant, the ice melted and a giant global ocean was created.  The melting also released carbon dioxide that was trapped in the ice into the atmosphere, further heating the moon with greenhouse gasses






Numerous attempts were made to colonize the primary planet of the Destiny System.  Early colonists looked to utilize the planet's mineral and fuel resources, located deep below the planet's massive ocean system.  Though the planet's thick atmosphere made it difficult to establish a permanent population.






Under the light of a distant red giant lies the planet Deviladia.  Delivadia is a small Mercury sized world.  The planet is the industrial and mining center of the outer systems.  Nearly the entire planet’s surface has been developed into factories.







The primary planet of the Devonshire system was settled as an agricultural world.  The planet contains fertile soils along with a moist, temperate climate across much of its landmasses.  These conditions made Devonshire an ideal world for excellent crop growth and mass farming.






The primary world of the D'Jais System is an industrial planet, it was originally settled with the goal of being an agricultural world.  Early on little was known about the planet's climate which made it seem perfect for an agricultural based society.   The planet's severe storms and extensive droughts caused the plans of growing large amounts of crops to ultimately fail.






Doring is an extremely dry, desert world with a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The planet has been considered a candidate for terraforming because of its size and temperature.  Though the planet is extremely dry, and would take large amounts of ice imported from outer solar system to create oceans.  Because of the system's isolation, split between multiple regions, no government or organization has considered undertaking the massive project.






Dreamara's primary planet is a small, terrestrial world, one of the smallest habitable world in the Inner Sphere.  The planet is slightly larger than Mars, it's surface is covered in 85% water.  The planet's largest landmass is a long continent which stretches across the length of the equator.





DT Virginis

DT Virginis is small system with a meager population.  The system's inhabitants are mostly scientists and geologist who study the planets surface.  A few, scattered mining industries also exist on the primary planet's surface.







Dziban Bb is ringed super-Earth with a thick carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere.  The atmosphere transitions into a deep global ocean at the lower elevations.  Intense cyclonic storms are common which include high winds and relentless lightning.  Colonization attempts have sometimes been considered in underwater cities.




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