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UV Ceti


System: UV Ceti

Primary Star: Luyten 726-8

Stellar Type: M6V ☼

Companion Star(s): Luyten 726-8 A (M5V ☼)

Distance from Earth: 8.7 ly

Constellation: Cetus

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 1 Million



UV Ceti is a red dwarf star and one of the ultimate examples of a flare star, the sun can brighten 70 times in a matter of seconds.  The super flares have sterilized life, especially planet c orbiting right in the middle of the habitable zone.  Enclosed cities are built into the mountains where colonists can escape, deep into the rock, the increased radiation during a flare.  Numerous companies built scientific labs within the cities, where strange experiments were conducted far away from watching eyes.  During its heyday the planet's population was much larger than today, yet still a million people live on the planet supported mostly by the labs that continue in operation.




UV Ceti C

UV Ceti C is a world orbiting within the dim stars narrow habitable zone, the planet is tidally locked meaning the same side always faces the sun.  The thick atmosphere spreads heat around the surface keeping the permanent night side from freezing.  Despite being the perfect temperature for life, the surface has been sterilized by the sun's super flares, colonists live in enclosed cities built into the mountains where they can escape the flares under layers of rock.






UV Ceti D

A frozen, cold world lacking any notable atmosphere.  Orbiting well within Mercury's orbit the surface is permanently frozen due to the dimness of the parent red dwarf star.  Occasionally the surface heats up during a flare, but without an atmosphere to hold in the heat it cools instantly.






UV Ceti E

A hydrogen helium gas giant  orbiting the red dwarf star.  The planet glows an orange pick color in the dim light of its sun.





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