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Iota Capricorni

The planet Torrina orbits the yellow-giant star Iota Carpricorni.  The swiftly changing sun has stressed this once temperate planet's atmoshpere, the surface is now hot and an endless desert.






Important trade center connecting the Canopus region and the Betelgeuse region.






Planet in a high elliptical orbit, bringing the planet across the entire habitable zone during its year.  Temperatures on the surface swing greatly during the solar year between summer and winter.  Snow and ice cover the planet during the winter, which melts forming oceans during the warmer periods.







The System is a 5 planet system located 200 light years from Earth.  The system was first colonized 500 years ago by religious settlers.  The primary planet of the Izaria system contains one large continent covering over a third of the planets surface, the rest of the planet is covered in a deep ocean.  



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