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Hambrick's primary planet was settled as a mining colony.  Hambrick is cold, very dry, and has lower levels of oxygen in the atmosphere.  These conditions make it difficult for unacclimated humans to survive on the surface.  Underneath the harsh conditions on Hambrick's surface, deep deposits of valuable metals and minerals exist.







The Harlech System's primary planet is a habitable, terrestrial world orbiting within the system's habitable zone.  The planet's surface is covered in 30% water.  The majority of the remaining surface is a mixture of vast deserts separated by sprawling, swampy regions.







Harmony is an important, sanctuary world, that's protected as a place for peace and refuge.  The habitable world has been home to large population for many eons.  The planet's native population are deeply spiritual beings, they believe vigorously in peace, and treasure all living things on the planet.







Harvestacres was originally established as an agricultural, farming world.  The planet's slight axial tilt and relatively flat terrain, created an environment with a year end wet, mild climate across much of the planet's land areas.  The environment and year-round growing season, made the planet perfect place for mass agriculture development.






HD 28185

Known for having one of the first planets discovered orbiting in the middle of the habitable zone.  The planet is a large gas giant with 5.7 times the mass of Jupiter.  Orbited by multiple moons, the second moon has a relatively breathable atmosphere, though with less oxygen than Earth.





HD 35413

The HD 35413 is a small outpost colony around an A class star established by Nasira.  The colony is used mostly for mining rare metals and shipping them to Nasira.  HD 35413 is an isolated system far from many of the galaxies population centers.





HD 50499

HD 50499 is orbited by 2 planets, the first is a Jupiter-like world with similar size and temperature.  The second planets orbits further out and is even larger with over 2 Jupiter masses.  Numerous small scientific research stations are scattered across the surface of a moon orbiting planet B.







Helblinde is a trade system that connects the Mirach Region with the Triangulum Region.  The system's strategic location between the 2 regions made it an ideal to spot to connect with jump stations.  Beyond the bustling jump stations, Helblinde's primary planet is a cold, icy world







The Helixus System’s primary planet is an industrial world home to a significant population. The planet’s system of 4 moons contain extensive supplies of heavy metals, extracted through vigorous mining operations, then transported down to the planet’s surface industrial centers.






The system's primary planet was once the jewel of the Hercules region, it was the region's population, economic, and financial center.  Recently, a string or world wars has left the planet devastated, famine and poverty have since run rampant.






Planet Heze IV is a cloudy terraformed world orbiting a bright A class star.  The planets thick atmosphere was needed to shield the population from all the radiation the parent star puts out.








Highspire was originally settled by off-world manufacturing companies. The system’s primary planet contains vast supplies of raw materials used for industrial processes. Looking to profit, numerous companies established colonies on the planet.  Initially worlds throughout the Anser Region profited from the materials exported from Highspire.







Horizon is one the most populated system's in the Canopus Region.  After being intially being settled, Horizon had a slow, quiet early history.  Though that changed as Horizon quickly grew with colonists leaving the overcrowded, regional center, Azarus.  Colony ships flocked to Horizon, quickly expanding the primary planet's population.







Hyadia is an important system near the Hyades cluster.  The primary planet is a heavily populated world from which the system is named after.  The large southern conitent is where most of the population lives.

Capital city of the planet Hyadia



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