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Star Systems
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The Babbilus System's primary planet needed some terraforming to make it fully habitable.  Water was imported in from comets in the outer system, this doubled the amount of surface water on the dry planet.  Though the planet's surface is still fairly dry, vast deserts stretch across the land areas.






Balance is a relatively isolated world sitting far from the galaxy's populations centers.  Protected by the planet's government is a large nature preserve roughly the size of Asia, the largest know preserve in the galaxy.






System of multiple planets orbiting an F-class star near the Helix Nebula.





Barnard’s Star

Barnard’s Star is a dim red dwarf located just under 6 light years from Sol and is the second closest star to Sol.  The system contains a planet , with a thin atmosphere, orbiting just under 1 AU from the sun.  Even at this close distance the planet is still very cold because of the dimness of the star.






Large Inner Region star.





Beta Reticuli

The Beta Reticuli system is a system of planets orbiting a cool k-class subgiant star.  The sun was most likely an f-class star during its youth and has since cooled and grew larger.  Home to population of 12 million is a moon orbiting a Jupiter like gas giant at a distance of 6 AU.  






Braston is an agriculture world built around farming.  The planet grows food for much of the Polaris Region, making it an important place many worlds depend on.



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