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Star Systems
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The Ualda System's primary planet is a largely populated habitable world.  The system's primary planet is home a brave population who believe they are the descendants of great warriors.  For centuries the world was in a permanent state of war.  The people believe the long wars strengthened them, that they helped build their world and their culture.






Umoria is a system orbiting a g-class star in the Izar Region, that was once a smugglers hideout.  The system is home to the famous Bangadorn, a 9 foot tall creature who is covered in white fur.  The Bangadorn stand upright and have long claws, their eyes can sometimes glow orange, especially at night when the light reflects off them.  They are dangerous creatures and have attacked human colonies, sometimes in groups.





Upsilon Andromedae

Multiple planet system with a gas giant orbiting at the outer edge of the habitable zone.  This planet’s largest moon was terraformed early during space colonization.






The Ursila System orbits a dim red m-class star near the Hyades Cluster.  Ursila’s primary planet dry cloudy desert world orbiting close to the sun.  The planet has little to offer, it is used primarily as a stop for interstellar prospectors exploring the Hyades Cluster.





UV Ceti

UV Ceti is an extreme flare star that can burst brighter in a matter of hours.  Numerous enclosed structures have been built into the mountain sides of the primary planet.  Tunnels lead to underground bunkers designed to protect the inhabitants from radiation during the flares.



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