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Star Systems
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The sun of the Valia System is a white/yellow F-class star that is usually bright for its spectral type.  The star is beginning to evolve off the main sequence becoming a subgiant.   The worlds of this system are changing rapidly with the growing sun.  The primary world is becoming warmer and drier.






System in the Orion Nebula Region.






Planet C is the system's primary world.  The planet is mostly known for its largest city Nastorcropolis.  The Varaha Uprising against the United Worlds started in this city, the bloody event left nearly a million dead.  The planet contains a large continent roughly the size of Asia.






Binary system in the Betelgeuse Region.






Located only 25 light years, Vega was one of the first systems explored by the Terrans. Plans were devised to mine the system's mineral rich terrestrial worlds, then export their resources back to Earth. They would use the resources to help build needed space infrastructure across the Inner Region







The Veillus system is a four planet system orbiting an orange K class star.  The star is fairly dim with a little more than one tenth sols luminosity.  Refuges from the nearby Babbilus system first settled this system after a comet crashed and destroyed large parts of the planet.  A long world war ensued afterwards on Babbilus, leaving millions homeless searching for a new world.  Veillus A was established as a Free World during the war allowing the millions to rebuild.







Ventaland is a planet with a high axial tilt giving it extreme shifts in seasons.  During the winter days are short with only a few hours of sunlight, much of the area freezes, and temperatures  become extremely cold.  The summers are the complete opposite, only a few hours of night, the frozen landscape thaws to reveal wetlands and swamps, and temperatures soar.







Verawood is an extremely hot and muggy world sitting under thick cloudy atmosphere, caused by an overabundance of carbon dioxide, that acts as a green house gas and traps heat in.  Summertime temperatures can soar to the edge of what humans can survive, the atmosphere is so thick that its sometimes hard to breath.







A planet on the outside edge on the habitable zone stuck in a permanent ice age.  Ice covers the majority of the surface with slightly warmer areas near the equator.  Deep reserves of valuable petroleum exist under the surface.  Large refiners were built to refine the petroleum into useful products that could be exported for a profit.







Cold world  orbiting close to a dim orange K-class star.  Constant snow storms plague the world of Vermillion.  The planet was named after reddish colored soil that sits under the nearly permanent ice.






The Vestavia System's primary planet is a world with a long, rich history.  The world has always believed in peace and love over war which is turned it into one the stable worlds in the inner sphere.  The Vestavian people believe strongly in keeping the planet's atmosphere clean with strict laws against pollution.







Vindemiatrix is a yellow g-class giant star in the Virgo constellation.  The star is orbited by a large gas giant which has multiple moons.  Orbiting at a distance of 7 AU from the star, the moons of the Vindemiatrix System were frozen for a short period after cooling enough from the system's formation.  The moons iced over then were quickly melted into global oceans as Vindemiatrix blew up into a giant.



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