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Star Systems
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Walker was first settled by the survivors of a crashed ship.  While travelling through the Walker System headed for the outer regions, a ship carrying religious settlers malfunctioned and crashed on the primary planet.  The survivors of the crash slowly grew and spread across the planet's surface, which was once thought to be uninhabitable.






System near the Hyades.






A multiple planet system orbiting a yellow g-type star.  Wasquito's primary world is a large agriculture world covered with vast grasslands.  The primary world is the native home of the Murnado, a one ton animal known throughout the inner sphere for its tender meat.






Wesley is a planet in the Spica Region orbiting a yellow subgiant.






Old pagan world in the Segin Region, the Wintervale population believes strongly in strict religious values  The planet is deep in an ice age leaving most of the surface covered in snow, and in a permanent winter.





Wolf 359

One of the closest stars to Sol, the dim star Wolf 359 and it's planet's were first explored by early Terran based explorers.  A scientific outpost became the first permanent settlement on the primary planet's surface, though it was years before any significant population would eventually grow.






Wondervu is a heavily populated system orbiting a yellow g-type subgiant star.  The system's primary planet is one of the more industrialized planets in the galaxy, rich in both natural beauty and precious resources.  Wondervu Corporation is a powerful company located on the mountainous primary planet, they helped build the planet's government, and was the main catalyst in Wondervu's industrial revolution.






The Wormwood System's primary planet was first settled by private mining companies from nearby system's in the Canopus Region.  They quickly stripped the planet of its natural resources and contaminated the atmosphere.  With most of the valuable metals gone, the companies abandoned the planet leaving behind scores of colonists.



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