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Star Systems
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Small system in the inner region.






System sitting in-between three regions.






Lazuria is swampy, humid world plagued with a tyrant government.  Decades after the planet was settled a powerful, worldwide government formed, the residents of Lazuria have been repressed ever since.  Slavery is common on most parts of the planet, and many basic freedoms are nonexistent.  Numerous revolts have attempted to overthrow the tyrical government over the years, but have failed miserably.






Early settlers were drawn the Legend's primary planet due to its warm, tropical climate and abundance of valuable minerals.  The planet's population grew quickly with colonists from multiple different systems.  Tensions started to rise between the various groups of settlers all looking to control the most land.






The Lenus system's colonists have found a way to have the system's two planets work in tandem, one planet is dry and scorched while the other is an icy world outside the habitable zone.  Solar reflectors are used to transfer heat and energy from the inner planet to the outer, while water ice is transported from the outer system to the dry inner planet.








Libitina is an example of a failed attempt to terrafrom a world.  The system orbits a yellow g-type star located at the edge of the inner sphere bordering the middle regions.  The original intent to terraform the cold primary world was to use atmosphere factories to convert nitrogen, methane, and sulfur from the planet's rocks into the air.  The planet's temperature would increase as the atmosphere thickened with greenhouse gasses, this would melt the large ice deposits under the surface creating an ocean.








Lineset is a small, young, system of asteroids and protoplanets.  This metal rich system is used primarily for mining.  The colonies of Lineset have become wealthy in recent years exporting much of the system's material, and have also drawn criticism from changing a still forming system.






At first glance planet Lockenheim is an icy world with little to offer.  The planet is stuck in a long ice age; blinding snow storms and blistering cold are the most common things on this world.  Underneath the ice there are large deposits of rare earth metals used for building ships.  Numerous large ship building factories have been built in orbit of the planet with much of the population working at these plants.






Lord Flame

Planet Lord Flame III is a large world in the Canopus region.  The planet is known for its extreme seasonal shifts caused by its eccentric orbit, which swings between 1 AU to 1.4 AU from the parent star.  The planets long year varies from tropical summers to long cold winters.  Life on the planet has adapted though.








Luxhaven was once home to a monarchy that was formed based around a royal family.  The population advanced quickly during this period.  The royal family started to fear the swiftly growing population would look to overthrow them and established a more modern style of government.  They became paranoid and isolated the planet from the rest of the region.  They shuttered spaceports and made in illegal for outsiders to visit the planet.








The Lynk System is an important trade junction for those travelling from the Hyades Region to the Gemini or Betelgeuse Regions.  The system contains numerous jump and charging stations.  Because of ongoing security issues in the nearby Tarck System, Lynk is the most common jump point along the route from the inner Hyades Region to the other 2 regions.



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