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Lancaster is a trade sytem, located along the outer edges of the Inner/Sol Region moving towards the Nihal Region.  The system's primary planet has quietly grown a significant population.  Lancaster is an agricultural world covered in a mixture of grasslands, savannas, and forests.






The primary planet of the Laplace System is a cold world covered in ice.  The planet was often used by smugglers and criminals as a hideout, as it was rarely visited by travellers.  Tunnels were carved out throughout the planet's various ice layers, running deep through the surface.






Lassiter is an isolated system sitting in between multiple regions, far from any of the regional centers. The majority will simply pass through this system as it’s along the primary jump route between the Betelgeuse and Canopus Regions.






Lazuria's primary planet is swampy, humid world plagued with a tyrant government.  Decades after the planet was settled a powerful, worldwide government formed, the residents of Lazuria have been repressed ever since.  lavery is common on most parts of the planet, and many basic freedoms are nonexistent.






Early settlers were drawn the Legend's primary planet due to its warm, tropical climate and abundance of valuable minerals.  The planet's population grew quickly with colonists from multiple different systems.  Tensions started to rise between the various groups of settlers all looking to control the most land.






The system's colonists have found a way to have the system's two planets work in tandem, one planet is dry and scorched while the other is an icy world outside the habitable zone.  Solar reflectors are used to transfer heat and energy from the inner planet to the outer, while water ice is transported from the outer system to the dry inner planet.






The Libertalia System was settled by a group of political prisoners who had escaped captivity.  Libertalia was settled during a time when called when a movement called the Gray Rush spread across the Segin Region.  The Gray Rush influenced governments imprisoned many political prisoners during that time.  Those that escaped persecution and imprisonment went to be free Libertalia.






Libitina is an example of a failed attempt to terrafrom a world.  The system orbits a yellow g-type star located at the edge of the inner sphere bordering the middle regions.  The original intent to terraform the cold primary world was to use atmosphere factories to convert nitrogen, methane, and sulfur from the planet's rocks into the air.






Lineset is a metal rich system which is primarily used for mining.  The system's primary planet is a desert world covered is sprawling, rocky, plains.  Deposits of valuable metals and minerals exist below the planet's surface.  Numerous, large mines have been established on the planet's surface






The primary planet of the Liris System is a cold world orbiting outside the habitable zone. The planet was established as a mining outpost, off-world companies looked to profit off extracting pockets of valuable gasses that existed deep below the ice.






The primary planet of the Lockenheim System is a world stuck in an ice age.  Ice sheets cover large sections of the planet, and can even reach as far as the tropics during the colder seasons.  The warmer regions are filled with dense, coniferous forests, tundra, and cold, dry deserts. 






Lordesville is the closest inhabited system to the star Canopus.  The system's primary planet is a world stuck in the depths of an extended ice age. Snow is common across nearly all parts of the planet.  The planet was originally settled by the followers of an eccentric religious cult.






Lucidenium is the center of the Borealis Region.  The primary planet has an ancient society that dates back to the Aurorians.  The planet saw incredible growth during the early expansion of interstellar travel, migrants from other worlds came to Lucidenium in hoards striving for better living conditions.






Luxhaven was once home to a monarchy that was formed based around a royal family.  The population advanced quickly during this period.  The royal family started to fear the swiftly growing population would look to overthrow them and established a more modern style of government.  They became paranoid and isolated the planet from the rest of the region.  They shuttered spaceports and made in illegal for outsiders to visit the planet.






The Lynk System is an important trade junction for those travelling from the Hyades Region to the Gemini or Betelgeuse Regions.  The system contains numerous jump and charging stations.  Because of ongoing security issues in the nearby Tarck System, Lynk is the most common jump point along the route from the inner Hyades Region to the other 2 regions.



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