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The Kaena System was first settled by interstellar nomads who were traveling between uninhabited worlds throughout the Segin Region. As they were leaving the primary planet, many members of the group stayed behind and made Kaena their permanent home. They established a permanent colony on the planet's surface.






The primary planet of the Kai System was once an important trade world.  Merchants, traders, and exporters were often seen in the  markets that surrounded the planets spaceports and space elevator.  The planet's bustling image shifted as major conflicts between various ingenious groups spread across the surface.






The primary planet of the Kainus System is a cold world that is slowly coming out of a brutal ice age.  Parts of the planet have warmed, as ice is disappearing across the surface.  The warmest region on the planet is a band stretched along the equator, where the climate switches from arctic and ice covered, to more temperate.





Kappa Fornacis

For the longest time little was known about the Kappa Fornacis system and its primary world.  The strict government isolated the world from the outside until they were finally overthrown.  The planet is somewhat mountainous and rich in minerals; mining has recently become very profitable here.






The Kapulari System's primary planet offered little to potential colonists. The planet is very cold and intense ice storms are common. Even with those conditions, colonization companies looked to build a permanent population on the surface.  The population struggled to grow though, the planet could never support a large scale permanent society.






The Kasperia System's primary planet has a small population. The planet is relatively dry containing only around 5% surface water. Terraforming plans have been suggested, with the system’s strategic location, planet could benefit if it could sustain a larger population.






When early observers first discovered the large planet Katkus B they wondered if it might contain a livable moon.  With technological advancements those speculations were confirmed and this moon was placed on top of the list of places to colonize in the Polaris Region.






Kazarian’s primary planet is a world blessed with an abundance of rare minerals. The planet was settled quickly, during a period when colonization was spreading on worlds throughout the Auriga Region.  Colonists flocked to Kazarian looking to profit from the planets extensive reserves of natural resources.






Kiera's primary planet was home to a quickly growing population.  The new immigrants created friction with the existing population.  As violence started to erupt the government quickly responded by closing off the planet from the rest of the region.  During this period of time, nobody was allowed to enter of leave the planet.  The system become isolated, and partially forgotten about.






Kimora's primary planet is a habitable terrestrial world.  The planet is covered in 50% water, the surface separated into a large deep ocean and a single super continent.  Warmer than Earth, the land areas are covered in hot, humid jungles which gradually dry out moving inland from the coasts.  The planet has a tumultuous climate that is often susceptible to extreme droughts






K-Locus's location made it a connection between regions. The initial survey of the system’s primary planet discovered a sprawling desert world lacking natural resources. As additional survey’s were conducted, they would find deposits of valuable metals under the surface. A handful of mining colonies were established across the planet.






The primary planet of the Kneva System is a tropical world home to dense woodlands and sprawling savannas.  Off-world raiders often travel to the world looking to ransack the population.  These raids regularly turn into full-blown, violent conflicts, as the native population repeatedly fights back.






The primary planet of the Knossos System is a cold world covered in deserts and ice.  Some parts of the planet's surface is warm enough for limited amounts of liquid water.  Life on the planet has adapted to its harsh conditions, which includes long periods of thick ice, winds, and dust storms.






Early settlers where drawn the Kyada System's primary planet due to its warm tropical weather, endless white beaches, and dense jungles.  The population quickly grew along the coastlines, while the jungle covered continental interiors, often called the tribal regions, where left mostly primitive. 



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