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Star Systems
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Eaton is a system with a small population orbiting a dim orange flare star.  Eaton’s star can blow up in the matter of hours, turning blue and increasing temperatures on the orbiting planets.  Inhabitants of the system have adapted to the flares.






Prisoners from all around the Capricorn region were used on the planet Elysia, they were moved there to help build infrastructure for future colonists.  The prisoners were used to construct cities, houses, and roads allowing colonists to be quickly moved to the planet.  With so much infrastructure pre-built, Elysia grew quickly and helped ease overcrowded conditions on neighboring planets.






A giant star near Herculia in the Hercules Region.






Explorers from Izaria were the first humans to officially visit the Emorus System, though its believed that others had visited the system much earlier.  Strange artifacts were found on a planet that nobody was able to indentify.






Empyria is a five planet system orbiting a g-class star.  The system was once thought to be impossible to establish a large population because of the lack of an earth-like world.  Empyria B solved that problem when large cities where built on platforms above the planets thick atmosphere, where conditions are more earth-like.  The system is metal rich making the world of Empyria B extremely wealthy.







Enfusia is an icy world under the dim red light of its parent star.  The system is home to a large number of mining settlements.






Epsilon Indi

The yellow gas giant of Serapis and its moon are the systems primary worlds.  The moon is a young, humid, jungle covered world, home to a large and diverse population.






Epsilon Leporis

Planet Nirvana is a cloudy, windy world orbiting a bright red giant in the Epsilon Leporis system.  The system is located in the Shalimar Region.







Hiding place in the Hyades for General Dokora and his army after they attacked Hyadia.  After the battle Dokora fled to the Eudora System and hid there for two years.  Dokora and his followers helped establish the colony on Eudora.



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