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Star Systems
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Eaton is a system with a small population orbiting a dim orange flare star.  Eaton’s star can blow up in the matter of hours, turning blue and increasing temperatures on the orbiting planets.  Inhabitants of the system have adapted to the flares.







Prisoners from all around the Capricorn region were used on the planet Elysia, they were moved there to help build infrastructure for future colonists.  The prisoners were used to construct cities, houses, and roads allowing colonists to be quickly moved to the planet.  With so much infrastructure pre-built, Elysia grew quickly and helped ease overcrowded conditions on neighboring planets.






A giant star near Herculia in the Hercules Region.






Explorers from Izaria were the first humans to officially visit the Emorus System, though its believed that others had visited the system much earlier.  Strange artifacts were found on a planet that nobody was able to indentify.







Empyria's primary planet is a small terrestrial world with a thick atmosphere.  The thick atmosphere creates crushing pressure on the surface, making it impossible for any permanent settlements to be built on the surface.  Massive arcologies were built towering above the surface, aided by the planet's low gravity, the arcologies rise high into the atmosphere where conditions are more earth-like







The Enfusia System contains a thick, metal rich asteroid belt.  Mining operations were quickly established in the asteroid belt shortly after the system's discovery.  Numerous enclosed settlements were built on the system's only planet, these settlements became the base of operations for the mining activities in the inner belt.






Epsilon Eridani

Epsilon Eridani lies only 10.5 light years from Earth, despite its close distance for eons robotic probes were the only explorers of the system.  The Epsilon Eridani planets are made up of ices and gasses, they lack the valuable minerals and metals that other systems contain.  There also isn't any planets with a habitable atmosphere, or even any planets that could be easily terraformed over a short period of time.





Epsilon Indi

Epsilon Indi's primary planet is Indra.  Despite its closeness to Earth, colonizing Indra was a slow process.  The planet is covered in various mosses and lichens, the planetary winds blow spores across much of the surface.  When breathed in by unacclimated humans, the spores can cause severe allergic reactions.






Epsilon Leporis

Planet Nirvana is a cloudy, windy world orbiting a bright red giant in the Epsilon Leporis system.  The system is located in the Shalimar Region.







The Eudora System's primary planet was designated as lower priority world to colonize in the Hyades Region.  Despite being mostly habitable for humans, the planet is small with a lower gravity, and prone to intense wind and snow storms.  These factors meant that any serious attempts to colonize were never made.  Though the planet was eventually settled by the followers of the infamous General Dokora.



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