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Ta Tsun

Ta Tsun VI is an orange gas giant with an army of moons orbiting a red giant.  Many of the planet’s moons have been colonized.





Tania Borealis

Under the bright light of this blue/white A-class star, that is three times brighter than Sirius, orbit three planets.  The primary is a resource rich world scorched under intense radiation from the parent star.







Tarck is in a strategic location, the system is an important trade link between three regions.  Despite its prime location, continuous political woes have held back the system from reaching its true potential.  The system and its stations are a popular place for smugglers and criminals, the local government has long supported them.






Tau Aurigae

Icy moon just outside the habitable zone in the Tau Aurigae system.  Planet has a fairly thick atmosphere yet is still too cold for liquid water anywhere on the surface.





Tau Ceti

The earthlike world of Terraceti, in the Tau Ceti system, was one of the earliest human colonies.  The planet is a mountainous world with lots of water.  The low gravity creates extremely high mountains similar to the ones on Mars.






Tau Puppis

System is part of the Canopus-Adara Region.





Taurus Colonies

Young system of colonized asteroids on the outer edge of the Hyades.  The system has no inner planets leaving only a thick belt of asteroids and minor planets.  The Taurus Colonies are used primarily for mining rare metals.





The Terminus

A ring structure built around a white dwarf near the Carina Nebula.  The Terminus is the crossroads of all wormholes in the galaxy, every wormhole connects to this system.  The center of all governments and the United Worlds is located in The Terminus.






The Theseus System's primary planet never had the environment needed to support a large population. The planet is uncomfortably cold, and has a low oxygen atmosphere that takes humans a long time to acclimate. Due to these conditions, most early colonists left for other worlds.







The system was first colonized by refugees who left planet Calledrenus in the 13 Orionis system during the long civil war.  When the settlers first landed here they found hundreds of ancient alien cities built by a primitive race that were less than a thousand years old.  The alien race had gone extinct for unknown reasons somewhere between 500 and 1000 years ago.  The ancient cities and the architecture are similar to the Mayan ruins on Earth.






Tira is a religious Mecca, where religious zealots travel light years to find peace and worship.  The planet's inhabits built sprawling temples in numerous cities across the planet.  Many believe that once they visit the planet, the remainder of their lives will be rewarded with peace and happiness.







The Tonatiuh System has often been a system that is traversed by those travelling through the Polaris Region. The system is typically nothing more than a jump point for ships heading to other systems. The system contains only one planet, a gas giant orbiting close to the giant sun. The planet's only permanent inhabitants are a group of scientists who study the world from an orbiting space station.






An isolated system orbiting a dim k-class flare star.  A small, partially habitable world orbits the star.






The system has grown incredibly over the last 50 years, and is one of the fastest growing in the inner sphere.  Manufacturing has been the biggest area of growth, turning the system into the industrial center of the region.  Toronica was recently added as a Council World to the United Worlds.  Nothing stands in the way of Toronica becoming one of the most powerful systems in the Galaxy.






An isolated, desert world named the expedition leader who first explored the planet's surface, and were left stranded on the planet.  The surface is less than 10% water, and mostly covered in dry dusty rock.  The majority of the planet's water is locked up either in polar ice or underground.






Trueblood was ruled by a long line of tyrant rulers for most of its history.  A revolution that lasted nearly 50 years finally overthrow the government.  Trueblood is only now starting to rebuild from the war and its dark history.






At first appearance the primary world of the Turkess System would be a great place for a large scale population, but the planet has issues that restrict that.  A fast rotation of 19 hours give the planet shorter days with intense winds that can blow for days straight.




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