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Oakengates lies on the fringes of the Segin Region.  The system is often forgotten about used primarily by trade ships travelling to other systems, despite this a moderate population has grown on the cold primary planet.  A series of enclosed cities were constructed on the icy surface, these cities were built to protect the colonists from the planet's harsh environment.






The planet Oceanis orbits a close binary consisting of a yellow and an orange star.  The surface is covered in a global ocean thats dotted with green islands.  The planet's orbit has a high eccentricity bringing it closer then farther away from the sun.  During the summer the cold oceans start warming up as the planet moves closer, causing massive hurricane like storms that sweep across the planet.






Octavia's primary planet was originally established as a haven for refugees of conflicts throughout the region.  The planet's vision was to be a place for peace and tranquility.  This vision didn't last long as Octavia slipped into a decades long world war.





Oculus Prime

The primary planet of the Oculus Prime system has always been the unquestioned center of the Segin Region.  The planet has heavily influenced many of the other world's in the region.  Oculus Prime has also been responsible for the spread of the Gray Rush throughout the region.





Old Regency

The Old Regency System is an isolated planet system located at the outer edge of the Hercules Region, bordering on the middle and outer regions. The system's primary planet is a small terrestrial world with a relatively low gravity.  Early settlers attempted the colonize the isolated world but were mostly unsuccessful.






Oriana is an important trade system that connects the Pleiades Region with the Triangulum Region.  The system's location has allowed it's primary planet to grow an substantial population, with an economy based around the critical trade routes connecting the two regions.






The primary planet of the Orono System is a world whose surface is covered in a mixture of various ices and water.  Deep deposits of valuable minerals are located deep below the planet wide oceans.






Oros was a important trade system sitting between the Betelgeuse and Canopus Regions.  The resource rich primary world exported goods such as agriculture, hardwoods, and rare metals.  The planet's history is marred by a long violent conflict that left the planet isolated from other interstellar worlds, and the economy in shambles.  The planet has been rebuilding since agreeing to a peace treaty.






Orsto's primary world is a cold world which doesn't contain any surface water, instead the planets water is trapped in ice just the below the surface.  Orsto has long been a candidate for terraforming by bringing the underground water to the surface, but no government or company has ever wanted to dedicate the resources.  The planet is simply to cold and terraforming would cost an enormous amount of money.





Outward Junction

Outward Junction is a system that connects the Inner Sphere with populated worlds in the a Middle Regions. The system is the primary jump point to the Outer Station Gamma and the worlds that lie in the Middle Regions.  The system’s primary planet is a cold, sprawling, desolate, desert world.






The primary planet of the Overden System is an important manufacturing world.  The planet is home to numerous large manufacturing facilities that create stockpiles of weapons.  These stockpiles are exported to various world's throughout the Polaris Region, helping propel Overden's economy.






Oxomoco’s primary planet contains unusually large deposits of uranium and plutonium. The planet enjoyed a period of rapid growth while mining operations were expanded across the surface. This created an economy based solely around mining and exporting the radioactive metals to other worlds.



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