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Farrworld is planet system that connects the Inner Sphere with the Middle Regions.  The planetary system orbits a yellow g-class star in the outer fringes of the Acrux/Agena Region.

The system is strategically located within reach of many prominent Middle Region worlds.  An important trade center, Farrworld is often the last stop for those travelling into the Middle Regions.


An orbiting space station was constructed above the primary planet, it was built to help assist the growing trade routes between the Inner Sphere and Middle Regions.  The stations sits in geosynchronous orbit above the capital city Georgetown, the station and city are connected by a space elevator.


Georgetown is the only technologically advanced city on the surface.  The city is manufacturing center where many of the goods created are shipped the Middle Regions.  Outside of Georgetown, the majority of the planet's population consists of primitive nomadic tribes.

System: Farrworld

Primary Star: TYC 83021861

Stellar Type: G8V ☼

Distance: 405 ly

Constellation: Lupus

Region: Acrux/Agena

Population: 100 Million


Farrworld Planets

Farrworld C
Farrworld C is a cold and windy world.  The planet's surface is covered in 80% water, the water lies in glacier filled oceans.  The land areas are separated into 2 continents, ice covers the higher latitudes while endless tundra and grasslands exist in the lower latitudes.  Intense snow storms are common any time of year across all parts of the planet's surface.

Distance: 1.08 AU

Orbit: 407 days

Temp: 258 K

Mass: 2.71 Earth

Radius: 10,062 km

Gravity: 1.09 g

Rotation: 21 hours


Fira C

Farrworld Kuiper Belt
The Farrworld Kuiper Belt consists of numerous icy cometary objects sitting from 20-60 AU.

Distance: 40 AU



Closest Inhabited Systems:



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