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Lenus is multiple planet system orbiting a bright white/yellow F-class star, the system lies in the Acrux/Agena Region.

The system's colonists have found a way to have the system's two planets work in tandem, one planet is dry and scorched while the other is an icy world outside the habitable zone.  Solar reflectors are used to transfer heat and energy from the inner planet to the outer, while water ice is transported from the outer system to the dry inner planet.


Solar reflectors and shields have allowed a decent population to grow in the isolated system.  Expanding the reflector and shield system could allow for eventual terraforming of both worlds.  Though the high radiation output from the parent star may never allow for large scale colonization.

System: Lenus

Primary Star: HD 129057

Stellar Type: F5V ☼

Distance: 380 ly

Constellation: Lupus

Region: Acrux/Agena

Population: 70 Million


Lenus Planets

Lenus B
Lenus B is a nearly 3 Earth mass planet orbiting on the inside edge of the habitable zone.  The planets has a carbon dioxide atmosphere with carbon dioxide clouds.  The surface is dry, scorched by the intense sun and greenhouse atmosphere.

Distance: 1.22 AU

Orbit: 433 days

Temp: 338 K

Mass: 2.87 Earth

Radius: 9412 km

Gravity: 1.31 g

Rotation: 37 hours


Fira C

Lenus C
Lenus C is an icy terrestrial world orbiting the outside of the habitable zone.  The planet's atmosphere is made up of nitrogen and oxygen.  The atmospheric pressure allows humans to be outside without a pressure suit, only needing supplemental oxygen.

Distance: 4.02 AU

Orbit: 7.1 years

Temp: 178 K

Mass: 1.35 Earth

Radius: 7838 km

Gravity: 0.89 g

Rotation: 43 hours



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