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Lord Flame System  


System: Lord Flame

Primary Star: HD 46435

Stellar Type: G3V

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 232 ly

Constellation: Carina

Region: Canopus

Population: 4.5 Billion



The Lord Flame system sits close to the bright star Canopus.  The system was first settled by the religious group Sons of the Universe, an eccentric group looking to control as many planets as possible in the name of their god.  They named the system after their great leader Lord Flame, who according to their prophecy died one million years ago.  The Canopus Region’s primary system, New Azeria, looked at Lord Flame as a strategic economic and military center.  They wanted to build wormholes there to connect the Inner and Canopus Regions.  New Azeria sent a small military force to cleanse the Lord Flame system of the Sons of the Universe.  The sons were massacred; some reports claim that as many as ten million people were killed during the invasion by New Azeria, though their own reports claim the number was much fewer.  Survivors of the invasion left the Lord Flame system to settle on other worlds.  Once taking control of the system New Azeria built numerous wormholes and Lord Flame’s population begin to grow quickly.  Today Lord Flame has forgotten is early history and became one of the largest and most important systems in the Canopus Region.




Lord Flame I

Rocky world that sits extremely close to the parent star.  The planets thick atmosphere glows blue in the suns light.







Lord Flame II

Neptune sized world that migrated inward pushing planet I closer to the star.







Inner Asteroid Belt

The narrow inner asteroid belt.






Lord Flame III

Planet sits outside the system’s first asteroid belt.  The planet is the primary world of the system home to a large population of over 4 billion people.  The planet has an eccentric orbit bringing it closer and farther away from the star.  The planet moves from the inner part to the outer part of the habitable zone causing extreme planet-wide summers and winters.






Lord Flame IV

Icy world with a small population.







Outer Asteroid Belt

The system’s outer belt.







The gas giants of Lord Flame

The system’s outer gas giants.





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