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Harvestacres is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Centaurus Constellation of the Spica Region.

Harvestacres's primary planet was originally established as an agricultural, farming world.  The planet's slight axial tilt and relatively flat terrain, created an environment with a year end wet, mild climate across much of the planet's land areas.  The environment and year-round growing season, made the planet perfect place for mass agriculture development.  The planet would supply crops to much of the Spica Region


The planet's government passed some the strictness enviromental protection laws in the region.  They wanted the cleansest air and and land possible for their agriculture.  The planet remained a sleepy, albeit important world in the region. 


The planet started to grow as colonists flocked to it drawn by the clean air, large open spaces, and year-round mild weather.  Cities like the capital Banneker grew quickly, as a shifting of the population occurred from rural to urban areas.  As the cities have grown, valuable farmland has disappeared.  This has left tension between the established farmers and the newcomer population.

System: Harvestacres

Primary Star: TYC72699251

Stellar Type: K2V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.79

Luminosity: 0.302x Sun

Distance: 218.8 ly

Constellation: Centaurus

Region: Spica

Population: 2 Billion


Harvestacres Planets

Harvestacres B
Planet B is a large, warm, terrestrial world orbiting close to the parent star.  Parts of the surface are molten, creating massive, orange oceans of magma that light up the night side.

Distance: 0.09 AU

Orbit: 12 days

Temp: 646 K

Mass: 3.95 Earth

Radius: 10257 km

Gravity: 1.52 g

Rotation: 92 hours

Moon(s): 1


Harvestacres C
Planet C is a habitable terrestrial world.  The planet has a relatively flat terrain across much of the land areas.  The terrain mixed with the planet's slight axial tilt create a mild climate with long growing seasons across much the planet.  Originally colonized as an agriculture world, once vast open grasslands have been converted into farms.

Distance: 0.52 AU

Orbit: 153 days

Temp: 297 K

Mass: 1.2 Earth

Radius: 7014 km

Gravity: 0.99 g

Rotation: 28 hours

Moon(s): 2


Harvestacres D
Panet D is a cold world orbiting far outside the habitable zone.  The planet has a thin carbon dioxide and methane atmosphere.  The surface is covered in various water and carbon dioxide ices.

Distance: 2.01 AU

Orbit: 3.2 years

Temp: 134 K

Mass: 0.42 Earth

Radius: 5270 km

Gravity: 0.61 g

Rotation: 70 hours

Moon(s): 8


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