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Zeta Reticuli


Zeta Reticuli is a wide binary system consisting of two sun-like g-class stars in the Inner Region.  The Zeta Reticuli stars are separated by a distance of 3700 AU.  A three planet system orbits Zeta² Reticuli.

The system’s primary world is a water covered named Leviathan after the Hebrew mythological creature.  The planet's surface is over 95% water, islands dotted across the massive oceans make up the only land areas.


Early settlements started growing quickly on the planet's scattered islands, to support the growing population additional land mass was needed.  The system's outer asteroid belts were mined and material was shipped to Leviathan.  Using a newly constructed space elevator the asteroid resources were brought to the surface.  This material was used to construct manmade islands, eventually tripling the land area.



System: Zeta Reticuli

Primary Star: ζ Ret

Distance: 39.16 ly

Constellation: Reticulum

Age: 3 Billion 

Region: Inner

Population: 500 Million


ζ¹ Ret

Stellar Type: G3V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.96


ζ² Ret

Stellar Type: G2V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.98


Zeta² Reticuli Planets

Seraph (Zeta² Reticuli B)
Seraph is a terristial world located on the inner edge of the habitable zone.  An extremely dry world which is a sharp contrast from its water covered neighbor Leviathan.  An impact early in the system's history likely stripped the planet of the majority of its water.  The planet's surface is dry and dusty sitting under a carbon dioxide atmosphere.  Intense winds blow hot air endlessly across the surface, this can often create massive dust storms.

Distance: 0.71 AU

Orbit: 219 days

Temp: 312 K

Mass: 0.47 Earth

Radius: 5058 km

Gravity: 0.75 g

Rotation: 19 hours


Leviathan (Zeta² Reticuli C)
Leviathan is the water covered habitable world of the Zeta Reticuli system.  The planet's surface nearly 95% water, the land areas are a mixture of natural and manmade islands.  Massive storms are common building up in the warmer water regions.  The devastating storms can reach thousands of kilometers in size.

Distance: 1.10 AU

Orbit: 423 days

Temp: 276 K

Mass: 2.44 Earth

Radius: 9540 km

Gravity: 1.09 g

Rotation: 35 hours


Rephaim (Zeta² Reticuli C)
Rephaim is a gas giant with over half of Jupiter's mass.  The planet is composed of hydriogen and helium, with ammonia, methane, and water ice mixed in the clouds.

Distance: 4.48 AU

Orbit: 9.5 years

Temp: 118 K

Mass: 0.57 Jupiter

Radius: 61,680 km

Gravity: 1.93 g

Rotation: 17 hours



Zeta² Reticuli Kuiper Belt
Zeta² Reiculi's Kuiper Belt is centered around 100 AU from the sun.  The objects in the Kuiper Belt are icy comet-like bodies.

Distance: 100 AU



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