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Zavijava (Beta Virginis)


Zavijva (Beta Viginis) is a planet system orbiting a white/yellow f-class star in the Inner Region.  The system consists of two planets plus a thick inner asteroid belt that orbits close to the sun.

Despite orbiting over 2 AU from the star, the primary world is the closest planet sun sitting at the edge of the inner asteroid belt.  The planet's atmosphere is dominated by carbon dioxide, though early forms of mosses are slowly increasing the levels of oxygen.  Genetically engineered bacteria could expedite the oxygenation process greatly, though no government or corporation has undertaken the task.


Intense winds, and lack of water are the typical reason no terraforming operations on the planet have been studied.  These factors could also limit how advanced the indigenous life will become in the future.


With the lack of the free oxygen in the atmosphere, the planet's colonists can't breath with a breathing apparatus.  They live in enclosed structures scattered across the planet.

System: Zavijava

Primary Star: β Viginis

Stellar Type: F8V ☼

Distance: 35.65 ly

Constellation: Virgo

Mass (Sol): 1.25

Age: 2.9 Billion 

Region: Inner

Population: 70 Million


Zavijava Planets

Zavijava Inner Asteroid Belt
Zavijava's inner asteroid belt is centered around 0.7 AU from the star.  The objects in the inner belt are rocky asteroid-like bodies.

Distance: 0.7 AU

Zavijava B

Zavijava B
With less than 20% of its surface covered in water, Zavijava B is a relatively dry world.  The planet's atmosphere is dominated by carbon dioxide, with lesser amounts of nitrogen and oxygen.   Indigenous life on the planet is limited mostly mosses and lichen, which are beginning to convert the carbon dioxide atmosphere into oxygen.  Intense winds are common across the surface, in the areas beyond the tropics these winds can create large ice and dust storms.

Distance: 2.02 AU

Orbit: 937 days

Temp: 259 K

Mass: 1.82 Earth

Radius: 7830 km

Gravity: 1.20 g

Rotation: 20 hours



Zavijava C
Zavijava C is an ice giant that orbits at a distance of over 14 AU.  The planet's frozen atmosphere is composed of hydrogen and helium with trace amounts of methane.

Distance: 14.6 AU

Orbit: 50 years

Temp: 93 K

Mass: 2.4 Jupiter

Radius: 82,447 km

Gravity: 4.46 g

Rotation: 13 hours



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