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Xanthe is multiple planet system in the Sargas Region orbiting an orange k-class subgiant star.  The star has ceased fusing hydrogen in its core and is starting to evolve off the main sequence.


The primary planet is home to an ancient society who created the Xanthian Doctrine.  Long before the doctrine spread across the galaxy it was first practiced on Xanthe.  The Xanthian's believed in worshipping the elements, they built thousands of temple dedicated to the elements spread across the planet's surface.


The Xanthian Doctrine teaches peace, love, and happiness, those who practice the beliefs will be rewarded with eternal prosperity.  The planet Xanthe built its culture around the teachings of the doctrine.

System: Xanthe

Primary Star: HR 7070

Stellar Type: K2IV ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 286 ly

Constellation: Sagittarius

Region: Sargas

Population: 1.4 Billion


Xanthe Planets

Xanthe B
The closest planet to the sun is an atmosphereless terrestrial world.  The surface of the planet is composed primarily of silicon and magnesium, with large deposits of iron..

Distance: 0.68 AU

Orbit: 180 days

Temp: 402 K

Mass: 0.15 Earth

Radius: 3510 km

Gravity: 0.51 g

Rotation: 62 hours


Xanthe C
Warmer than Eartth, Xanthe C is a muggy world with dense rainforests.  Parts of the planet contain large, ultramodern cities, while other parts are covered in small villages and tribes where ancient practices thousands of years old thrive.

Distance: 1.54 AU

Orbit: 612 days

Temp: 297 K

Mass: 0.84 Earth

Radius: 6005 km

Gravity: 0.95 g

Rotation: 28 hours


Xanthe D
Planet D is a snow covered ice world orbiting outside the habitable zone.  The surface contains large amounts of water ice and carbon dioxide snow.  High winds can occur during certain times of the planet's year, they can create ice storms that cover large sections of the surface.

Distance: 2.81 AU

Orbit: 4.1 years

Temp: 175 K

Mass: 0.44 Earth

Radius: 5296 km

Gravity: 0.63 g

Rotation: 22 hours



Xanthe E
Orbiting at a distance of 17 AU, planet E is a cold ice giant.  A frozen gaseous planet with a common hydrogen/helium atmosphere, trace amounts of methane give the planet its hue.

Distance: 16.94 AU

Orbit: 61 years

Temp: 75 K

Mass: 0.10 Jupiter

Radius: 30,566 km

Gravity: 1.31 g

Rotation: 18 hours



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