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Wormwood is a planetary system orbiting a yellow/orange g-class star.  The system lies in the Pictor Constellation of the Canopus Region.

The system's primary planet was first settled by private mining companies from nearby system's in the Canopus Region.  They quickly stripped the planet of its natural resources and contaminated the atmosphere.  With most of the valuable metals gone, the companies abandoned the planet leaving behind scores of colonists.


With the planet's atmosphere poisoned by the mining operations, the deserted colonists had to clean up the mess left behind.  Atmosphere factories were built that could capture the toxic gases, filter it, and release it back into the atmosphere.  


The air was eventually cleaned, the people of Wormwood were desperate to change the bad image the world had in the rest of the region.  The government intuited an aggressive colonization plan giving away millions of acres of free land to citizens of nearby planets, if they would move to Wormwood.  The population quickly grew as colonists throughout the Canopus Region jumped on the opportunity.

System: Wormwood

Primary Star: TYC85272751

Stellar Type: G6V

Distance: 256 ly

Constellation: Pictor

Region: Canopus

Population: 300 Million


Wormwood Planets

Wormwood B
Wormwood B is a warm gaseous world that likely formed in the outer system and migrated inward.  The planet's atmosphere consists of super heated hydrogen and helium which is slowly escaping into space.

Distance: 0.15 AU

Orbit: 22 days

Temp: 598 K

Mass: 15.76 Earth

Radius: 22,361 km

Gravity: 1.28 g

Rotation: -



Wormwood C
Wormwood C is a small, rocky, terrestrial world.  The planet lacks any significant atmosphere.  The surface is composed or iron, nickel, with traces of sulfur and arsenic likely leftover from a period of volcanic activity.

Distance: 0.64 AU

Orbit: 188 days

Temp: 327 K

Mass: 0.10 Earth

Radius: 3101 km

Gravity: 0.43 g

Rotation: 38 hours



Wormwood D
Wormwood D is the system's habitable primary world.  Covered in about 40% water, the planet's land areas is in one large supercontinent.  Numerous seas are spread out across the continent.  Two extensive polar ice caps exist covering both poles.

Distance: 1.06 AU

Orbit: 401 days

Temp: 280 K

Mass: 0.48 Earth

Radius: 5007 km

Gravity: 0.77 g

Rotation: 24 hours



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