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System: Wondervu

Primary Star: Wondervu

Stellar Type: G2IV ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 269 ly

Constellation: Corona Australis

Region: Sargas

Population: 3 Billion



Wondervu is a heavily populated system orbiting a yellow g-type subgiant star.  The system's primary planet is one of the more industrialized planets in the galaxy, rich in both natural beauty and precious resources.  Wondervu Corporation is a powerful company located on the mountainous primary planet, they helped build the planet's government, and was the main catalyst in Wondervu's industrial revolution.




Wondervu B

A Saturn sized hot Jupiter that migrated inward towards the sun during the system's formation.  At a temperature of nearly 1000 k they planet is extremely hot, though average for most hot Jupiters.  Dark clouds of sodium dust float high the the atmosphere.







Inner Asteroid Belt

A warm, metal rich, thick asteroid belt stretching for an AU inside the inner system.  Mining is sometimes difficult within the inner belt because of the high temperatures the area receives from the nearby sun.







Wondervu C

Planet C is a volcanically active world with a thin atmosphere.  Located close to planet d both planets are similar in size and composition.  The planet's volcanoes are highly active, most likely a result from the growing sun recently becoming a subgiant, and the planets interactions with nearby planet d.







Wondervu D

The primary planet is a  mountainous, resource rich world.  A section of Wondervu's population has became extremely wealthy exploiting the planet's profitable natural resources.  Sitting at the inner edge of the habitable zone temperatures are very warm, though temperate climates exist high in mountain regions called the highlands, where most of the population reside.  The lowlands are brutally hot, tropical valleys sitting below the numerous mountain ranges.






Wondervu D Moon

A heavily cratered moon, similar to Earth's moon, orbiting planet d.  Numerous small colonies exist inside impact craters, mining metals from the surface.






Outer Asteroid Belt

The much wider second asteroid belt.  The belt is large and metal rich, nearly 20 times the size of the belt in the Sol system.  90% of the profitable mining in the belt is controlled by one large company headquartered on Wondervu D.







Wondervu E

A standard hydrogen helium gas giant.  The planet contains high amounts of helium-3, which is extracted from deep within the planet's atmosphere.






Wondervu E Moon

A moon orbiting Wondervu E with a cold, icy surface.  The moon is composed of almost entirely water ice.  Numerous companies that mine the gas giant are located on the moon.





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