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Wasquito is a multiple planet system orbiting a yellow g-type star.  The star is a yellow dwarf star type G6 with roughly 50% of Sol's luminosity.  Wasquito's primary world is a large agriculture world covered with vast grasslands.  The primary world is the native home of the Murnado, a one ton animal known throughout the inner sphere for its tender meat.


System: Wasquito

Primary Star: HD 220293

Stellar Type: G6V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 148 ly

Constellation: Aquarius

Region: Capricorn

Population: 400 million


Wasquito Planets

Wasquito B
Wasquito B is a terrestrial world with an extremely thin carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The crust is composed mostly of iron with deposits of platinum and titanium.

Distance: 0.24 AU

Orbit: 88 days

Temp: 484 K

Mass: 0.34 Earth

Radius: 4571 km

Gravity: 0.66 g

Rotation: 73 hours


Wasquito C
The primary planet of the Wasquito system is a large terrestrial world consisting of a single continent that covers over 60% on the planet's surface.  The majority of Wasquito's continent consists of gently rolling plains.  Moving from east to west across the continent, vast grasslands with sparse forests gradually turn into a large arid desert.

Distance: 0.85 AU

Orbit: 288 days

Temp: 265 K

Mass: 2.89 Earth

Radius: 9355 km

Gravity: 1.34 g

Rotation: 34 hours


Wasquito D
Wasquito D is a fairly typical gas giant composed of hydrogen and helium.  The planet is orbited by an extensive moon system containing over 100 bodies.

Distance: 3.80 AU

Orbit: 7.4 years

Temp: 109 K

Mass: 1.33 Jupiter

Radius: 75,590 km

Gravity: 3.01 g

Rotation: 11 hours


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