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System: Verity

Primary Star: Verity

Stellar Type: G6V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 331 ly

Constellation: Hercules

Region: Hercules

Population: 6 Million




The primary planet Verity C in the Verity system contains large amounts of petroleum just under the surface.  The use of petroleum as a fuel began to slowly fade as other energy sources were discovered, though it still  could create many other useful products, thus leaving petroleum as a valuable compound.  The Ralage Corporation built refineries and drilling stations on the planets surface to extract the valuable oil, they moved thousands of employees there to work in the refiners.  Working conditions were poor on the cold planet, and rising operating costs starting putting a cut into Ralage's profits.  Ralage began losing money and stopped paying its employees the amounts they were promised when they were sent to Verity.


Tired or the poor working conditions and the lack of pay the workers on Verity rose up against Ralage's security forces in a bloody revolt.  The workers took control of the refiners and the planet, exiling the Ralage leaders.


Today Verity is controled by numerous families of the workers who took control after the revolt, the planet of 6 million lacks any form of central government.  the exporting of petroleum has become profitable again, though poor working conditions have continued even after the revolt.





Verity B

A atmosphereless rocky world orbiting close the the sun.  The surface of the planet is composed primarily of borax and iron, with large deposits of sulfur left over from a recent volcanically active period.



Verity C

A terrestial world with a carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The atmosphere is quickly thickening causing a greenhouse effect and massive global warming, it appears that the planet is turning into a Venusian world.  The planet once had large deposits of ice below surface, similar to its neighbor Verity D, but the old sun it orbits is near the end of its life and has grown brighter causing the world to heat up.  The ice has melted releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which acts as a greenhouse gas causing the planet to warm up even faster.



Verity D

A planet on the outside edge on the habitable zone stuck in a permanent ice age.  Ice covers the majority of the surface with slightly warmer areas near the equator.  Deep reserves of valuable petroleum exist under the surface.  Large refiners were built to refine the petroleum into useful products that could be exported for a profit.





Verity E

A standard Neptunian ice giant made up of a hydrogen/helium atmosphere, with traces of methane in the upper clouds.


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