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Varaha is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Canus Venatici Constellation of the Izar Region.

Varaha, the
closest neighbor to Izaria, the Izar Regions Center, has been economically important to the region and a financial center.  Varaha's primary planet was originally settled by the Tortons, a clan of gangsters who used the planet as a hideout as they escaped capture on Izaria.  The Torton's established a government and took over primary control of the planet.


Rapid growth started to occur as immigrants from Izaria flooded Varaha.  They focused on overthrowing the Torton based government and extraditing the Torton followers back to Izaria, as the Torton's had long been a foe of the Izaria people.  This angered the native population of Varaha as many sided with the Tortons, they considered them their founding fathers.  Violent conflicts swept across the planet as the people fought against the newcomers from Izaria and the extraditions.


A peace agreement was eventually reached between the various warring groups.  They agreed to setup a joint government between the newcomers and the existing Torton Goverment.  The peace agreement and end of the conflicts brought wealth and prosperity to Varaha, though tensions have continued to be high with its closest neighbor Izaria.

System: Varaha

Primary Star: HD 116057

Stellar Type: G0V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.09

Luminosity: 1.32x Sun

Distance: 193.69 ly

Constellation: CanusVenatici

Region: Izar

Population: 1.2 Billion


Varaha Planets

Varaha B
Varaha B is a Neptune sized gas giant that migrated inward during the system's formation.  The cloudy hot world lacks any solid surface, it's unsuitable for any form of life.

Distance: 0.10 AU

Orbit: 10 days

Temp: 857 K

Mass: 39.7 Earth

Radius: 45,265 km

Gravity: 0.79 g

Rotation: 20 hours

Moon(s): 0


Varaha C
Varaha C is a small, habitable, terrestrial world.  The planet is covered in 50% water, while its land areas contain large swaths of dense jungles.  Towering mountain ranges, fueled by the planet's low gravity, cut through he jungles.  The mountainous regions are coated with lush tundra and meadows.

Distance: 1.25 AU

Orbit: 487 days

Temp: 277 K

Mass: 0.23 Earth

Radius: 3925 km

Gravity: 0.61 g

Rotation: 23 hours

Moon(s): 1


Varaha D
Varaha D is an outer, cold world that orbits just outside the habitable zone.  The planet is primarily used for mining metals underneath the ice and rock that cover the surface.

Distance: 1.68 AU

Orbit: 763 days

Temp: 213 K

Mass: 0.34 Earth

Radius: 4562 km

Gravity: 0.66 g

Rotation: 29 hours

Moon(s): 2


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