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Turkess is a small three planet system in the constellation Lupus.  There are large gaps in-between the planets where other planets could have formed, leaving many to believe that the system once had more planets.  What happened to these worlds is not known or if they even existed.


The systems sun is an orange K1 class star shinning with a third of Sol's luminosity.  The star is a bit younger than sol as well at about 2 to 3 billion years old.  The system was settled shortly after many of the inner systems were settled in a time known as the second colonization period.  Many believed, during that time, that the planet Turkess B was a utopia until they landed there and found out the planet wasn’t quite like they thought it would be.

System: Turkess

Primary Star: Turkess

Stellar Type: K1V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance: 127 ly

Constellation: Lupus

Region: Spica

Population: 40 Million


Turkess Planets

Turkess B
At first appearance Turkess B would be a great place for a large scale population, but the planet has issues that restrict that.  A fast rotation of 19 hours give the planet shorter days with intense winds that can blow for days straight.  Also, the planet's land masses are covered in a thick moss that can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.   A small population lives on the surface in enclosed cities.

Distance: 0.90 AU

Orbit: 311 days

Temp: 275 K

Mass: 0.52 Earth

Radius: 5147 km

Gravity: 0.80 g

Rotation: 19 hours


Turkess C
C is an Earth-sized terrestrial world that formed in an area where normally gas giants form.  The planets atmosphere is made up of mostly nitrogen with traces of hydrocarbons, giving the clouds a brown, smog like look.  The planets surface is extremely rugged carved out by millions of years of volcanism.  Small outposts made up of mostly smugglers have been established on the planet from time to time.

Distance: 1.37 AU

Orbit: 584 days

Temp: 177 K

Mass: 1.01 Earth

Radius: 6359 km

Gravity: 1.01 g

Rotation: 36 hours



Turkess D
Turkess D is a hydrogen and helium gas giant with a third the mass of Jupiter.  The planet is orbited by 12 moons, 3 large spherical shaped moons and 9 captured asteroids.

Distance: 6.59 AU

Orbit: 6.6 years

Temp: 110 K

Mass: 0.32 Jupiter

Radius: 55,132 km

Gravity: 1.35 g

Rotation: 14 hours



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