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The primary planet of the Tremond System


System: Tremond

Stellar Type: G9V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 351 ly

Population: 500,000 - 2 Million


Planetary Data:

Distance: 0.724 AU

Radius: 6795 km

Orbital Period: 225 Days

Rotation Period: 21 Hours




The planet Tremond is an isolated, desert world named the expedition leader who first explored the planet's surface.  The surface is less than 10% water, and mostly covered in dry dusty rock.  The majority of the planet's water is locked up either in polar ice or underground.

The population is composed of nomads spread out across the surface in small tribes.  The capital of the planets is Despairia, the only city with anything resembling modern amenities.  The planet's inhabits are almost entirely descendents of members of the original expedition.  The expedition went terribly wrong stranding the group on the planet were they were forgotten about.

Closest Inhabited Systems:



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