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System: Toronica

Primary Star: Toronica

Stellar Type: K1V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 201 ly

Constellation: Virgo

Region: Izar

Population: 4 Billion



Toronica is a system in the Izar Region orbiting an orange/yellow k-class star.  The system has grown incredibly over the last 50 years, and is one of the fastest growing in the inner sphere.  Manufacturing has been the biggest area of growth, turning the system into the industrial center of the region.  Toronica was recently added as a Council World to the United Worlds.  Nothing stands in the way of Toronica becoming one of the most powerful systems in the Galaxy.




Toronica B

The desert inner world of the Toronica System is Toronica B.  The planet has been heavily mined over last few years altering the way the planet looks.  Mining operations continue of planet b, as important materials are mined to help support the systems fast growth.







Toronica C

The industrial planet of Toronica C is home to large and diverse population.  Toronica C is the manufacturing center of the Izar Region.  Economically the planet has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 50 years.  Today one of the fastest growing planets in the Inner Sphere Toronica is in a constant state of change, construction can be seen everywhere in the major cities.







Toronica D

Planet D is a helium/ammonia gas giant.  The planet has very little that stands out from other gas giants.






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