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Tiaradragoon System 


System: Tiaradragoon

Primary Star: Tiaradragoon

Stellar Type: G2V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 466 ly

Constellation: Orion

Region: Betelgeuse

Population: 7 Billion



Tiaradragoon is a 6 planet system in the Betelgeuse region.  The sun is a yellow G2V star, the same class as sol, though a bit older with about 1.6 times the luminosity, the sun is more similar to Alpha Centauri A.


The system was first colonized by refugees who left planet Calledrenus in the 13 Orionis system during the long civil war.  For a hundred years they searched the stars looking for a new world.  They finally headed in the direction of Betelgeuse and found a warm tropical world they called paradise.  They had discovered planet e and this system.  When the settlers first landed here they found hundreds of ancient alien cities built by a primitive race that were less than a thousand years old.  The alien race had gone extinct for unknown reasons somewhere between 500 and 1000 years ago.  The ancient cities and the architecture are similar to the Mayan ruins on Earth.


The early settlers sent word back to Calledrenus for more refugees to make the long 370 ly journey and live on the new world.  A short time after the first colonies were established The Orion Alliance showed up looking to take control of the planet.  A small war between the Alliance the colonists took place but the colonists were quickly smashed by much stronger force.  Many coming from 13 Orionis found their new home to be controlled by a restricting government, and found themselves no better off than before.  After 50 years of alliance control a rebel force rose up to take control of the world and rid the system of the alliance.  Though the war was long the rebels eventually won; they would set the groundwork for what the planet would become.  After the war, Tiaradragoon would join the United Worlds after a vote, and have since become one of the Council Worlds.


Today Tiaradragoon is home to billions and is one of the largest planets in the Betelgeuse Region.  This is a place were an extinct ancient alien society, their cities, and their architecture, mixes with modern thinking and technology.




Tiaradragoon B

Planet B is a hot, dry, desolate world scorched by the nearby sun.  Deep crevices stretch across the surface formed by highly volcanic cycles.  Tidal friction caused by the nearby sun can create large volcanic activity.







Tiaradragoon C

Tiaradragoon C is world with an eccentric orbit that swings between 0.55 au 0.85 au.  Though allows hot (the surface temperature never drops below 300K) there are great seasonal shifts.  The surface contains lakes of hydrochloric acid which as the planet moves closer to the sun began to boil and turn into clouds.  While moving farther away from the sun during the winter months the clouds began to freeze and rain down on the planet, thinning the atmosphere.






Tiaradragoon D

 Planet D is a standard Venus like world with a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere causing a runway greenhouse effect.  The clouds contain small amounts of sulfur.  Little is known about the surface deep below the thick atmosphere.






Tiaradragoon E

Planet E is a world at Earth like temperatures.  When the first inhabitants landed here they had been searching the stars for a new world for a hundred years.  They called this place a paradise, always warm tropical weather, and green forests stretching across the planet.  Planet E is most well known for the ancient alien cities left behind by a race that went extinct less than a thousand years ago.





Tiaradragoon E1


E1 is the close orbiting moon of planet e.  The surface contains large amounts of sulfur and frozen ice.  The moon lacks an atmosphere.






Tiaradragoon F

Tiaradragoon F is a hydrogen-helium gas giant at Jupiter like temperatures.  The atmosphere contains small amounts of frozen chlorine giving the planet a greenish yellowish appearance.






Tiaradragoon G

Planet G is the last planet is the system.  A fairly standard gas giant with large amounts of ice in the atmosphere giving a white appearance.  Storms caused by the fast rotation are common and can cover large parts of the planet.






Closest Inhabited Systems:



Distance (ly)








52 Orionis






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