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Anti-gravity is the idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity.




Anti-Gravity Drive

The anti-gravity drive is the primary drive used for propulsion of spacecraft.  The drive works by using superconductors in a monatomic state which exert force on the Zero Point Field, creating a reaction which can be used for propellantless flight and clean energy.  This drive makes faster-than-light space travel possible.





Superconductivity is a phenomenon occurring in certain materials generally at very low temperatures, characterized by exactly zero electrical resistance and the exclusion of the interior magnetic field.





A wormhole is basically a shortcut through space allowing for faster travel between stars.  Spacetime can be viewed as a 2D surface, and when 'folded' over, a wormhole bridge can be formed. A wormhole has at least two mouths which are connected to a single throat or tube.  Wormholes are created by two large rotating rings which connect different stars.  Wormholes are expensive to build and maintain leaving only a handful in the galaxy.  There are wormholes at the center of each region.





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