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Tania Borealis


System: Tania Borealis

Primary Star: Lambda Ursae Majoris/HD 89021

Stellar Type: A2IV ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 134 ly

Constellation: Ursa Major

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 19 Million



Under the bright light of this blue/white A-class star, that is three times brighter than Sirius, orbit three planets.  The primary is a resource rich world scorched under intense radiation from the parent star.  Most of the planet is unlivable expect for the coastline of the only ocean, sitting far south covering the South Pole.  This world would not be looked at as a colony expect for that surface contains lots of valuable minerals.  The system was settled fairly early with colonists looking to make a profit off the minerals.




Tania Borealis B

Sitting close to the blue star this planet is a scorched wasteland.  There is little to offer here.







Tania Borealis C

Tania Borealis C is a dry world baked in radiation from the blue/white sun.  Early colonists settled on the world despite the conditions looking to profit off the valuable minerals the planet contained.  All the major cities and nearly all the population sit along the southern coastline of the planets only ocean, where the solar radiation isn’t quite as intense.  A decent sized population have adapted to the conditions and grown here.







Tania Borealis D

Stormy, hydrogen-helium gas giant, the systems only Jovian world.  Bands of clouds wrap around the planet and spin in the fast rotation.





Tania Borealis D1


The rocky moon of the gas giant planet d.  The moons surface is made up of rock and ice with traces of methane.  There is little to no atmosphere.






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Ta Tsun










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