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Sylva is a planetary system orbiting a, bright bluish/white A-class star.  The system lies in the Lepus Constellation of the Hyades Region.

Sylva is a junction system that is lies in a strategic location between 4 regions.  Most travellers have simply passed through the system as they traveled between regions, only visiting the system's recharging and jump stations.


The system has been home to an icy, primary planet that houses a few million people.  Often isolated and forgetton by the hoards of migrants that pass through the system, a small society has grown in underground cities on the world.

System: Sylva

Primary Star: HD 37306

Stellar Type: A2V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.89

Luminosity: 13.6x Sun

Distance: 215.4 ly

Constellation: Lepus

Region: Hyades

Population: 2 Million


Sylva Planets

Sylva B
Sylva B is a rocky, terrestrial world with a thin carbon dioxide and argon  atmosphere.  The planet's surface is composed of carbon with significant amounts of iron deposits.

Distance: 2.25 AU

Orbit: 894 days

Temp: 325 K

Mass: 1.15 Earth

Radius: 7089 km

Gravity: 0.93 g

Rotation: 45 hours

Moon(s): 1


Sylva C
Sylva C is a large terrestrial world that orbits the bright, A-class sun at a distance of nearly 6 AU.  Even at this distance, the icy surface is bombarded with solar radiation, causing the planet's population to live in underground cities.

Distance: 5.91 AU

Orbit: 10.5 years

Temp: 188 K

Mass: 2.73 Earth

Radius: 9471 km

Gravity: 1.24 g

Rotation: 37 hours

Moon(s): 5


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