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Spiritwood is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Auriga Constellation of the Gemini Region.

The primary planet of the Spiritwood System was originally a colony of nearby Geminora. When the first colonists arrived, they found evidence that the planet was repeatedly visited by the Auroreans centuries ago. They also found evidence that primitive humans lived on planet, who likely believed the Auroreans were gods. They built massive temples across planet honoring them.

By the time the first technically advanced settlers from Geminora arrived, the indigenous people had long been extinct. The temples though were still there and in perfect condition, despite their age. The temples became the planets biggest draw, many travelled to Spiritwood to see them.  Spiritwood's population quickly grew as colonists were drawn to planet's natural resources.  Exotic hardwoods and rare metals quickly became two of the planets primary exports.

The planet is cool and covered in temperate rainforests, its surface has a relatively flat geography.  This creates an environment where prevailing winds bring storms across the land masses unimpeded. Due to the environmental conditions, local climates aren't influenced by the geography, but instead are fairly consistent across the lands. Temperate rainforests along the coasts give way to deciduous and coniferous forests further inland.

System: Spiritwood

Primary Star: TYC18911871

Stellar Type: G9V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.87

Luminosity: 0.64x Sun

Distance: 331.5 ly

Constellation: Auriga

Region: Gemini

Population: 3 Billion


Spiritwood Planets

Spiritwood B
Spiritwood B is a highly volcanically active terrestrial world. The planet's atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide and krypton, its surface is composed of silicate rocks with deposits of sulfurous compounds. The atmosphere thickens during periods of heavy volcanic activity.

Distance: 0.32 AU

Orbit: 72 days

Temp: 424 K

Mass: 0.26 Earth

Radius: 4,422 km

Gravity: 0.54 g

Rotation: 89 hours

Moon(s): 0


Spiritwood C
Spiritwood C is a rocky terrestrial world with a thin atmosphere made up of krypton. Small mining colonies were established on the planet, but were never profitable, they are now mostly abandoned.

Distance: 0.56 AU

Orbit: 163 days

Temp: 322 K

Mass: 0.89 Earth

Radius: 6,201 km

Gravity: 0.94 g

Rotation: 77 hours

Moon(s): 2


Spiritwood D
Spiritwood D is a habitable terrestrial world.  The planet is a rainy, cool world whose land masses are covered in dense, temperate rainforests.  The surface's relatively flat geography mixed with the thick humid atmosphere, creates an environment where storms move across the land areas unimpeded.  Local climates aren't influenced by geography, and are instead fairly consistent.

Distance: 0.83 AU

Orbit: 292 days

Temp: 296 K

Mass: 1.19 Earth

Radius: 7,013 km

Gravity: 0.98 g

Rotation: 28 hours

Moon(s): 2


Spiritwood E
Spiritwood D is common, mid sized iced giant. The planet's atmosphere is made up of hydrogen and helium. Trace amounts of methane in the upper atmosphere give the planet a blue hue.

Distance: 22.33 AU

Orbit: 113.2 years

Temp: 46 K

Mass: 40.68 Earth

Radius: 36,227 km

Gravity: 1.26 g

Rotation: 16 hours

Moon(s): 16


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