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Spica Colonies


Spica Colonies is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Virgo Constellation of the Spica Region.

The Spica Colonies are a series of moons orbiting a large gas giant located in the middle of the habitable zone.  The three major moons are undergoing the largest terraforming project in the Inner Sphere.


Atmosphere factories have been built on the surface of each moon, these factories pump large amounts gas into the atmosphere the help expand it.  With a project timeline of a thousand years, when completed each moon with have a breathable atmosphere.


The Spica Colonies, when finished being terraformed, will be able to support a population of billions between the three moons.  This will allow The Spica Colonies to transform into one of the powers of the Spica Region.

System: Spica Colonies

Primary Star: TYC55476121

Stellar Type: G2V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.05

Luminosity: 1.63x Sun

Distance: 263.9 ly

Constellation: Virgo

Region: Spica

Population: 20 Million


Spica Colonies Planets

Nuada (B)
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Distance: 1.44 AU

Orbit: 617 days

Temp: 251 K

Mass: 4.05 Jupiter

Radius: 85,085 km

Gravity: 7.22 g

Rotation: 12 hours

Moon(s): 3


Beta Luna (B1)
Beta Luna is the smallest moon of the three that are being terraformed.  Though the moon's atmosphere has thickened, there is still only a small amount of surface water.

Distance: 407k AU

Orbit: 19.9 days

Temp: 275 K

Mass: 0.17 Earth

Radius: 3,572 km

Gravity: 0.54 g


Alpha Luna (B2)
Alpha Luna is the largest moon in the system, and the farthest along in the terraforming process.  The planet's surface is currently covered in 10% surface water, which will slowly increase to 50% as the terraforming project completes.  The atmosphere currently only requires a breathing apparatus for humans to survive on the surface.

Distance: 540k km

Orbit: 30.5 hours

Temp: 279 K

Mass: 0.46 Earth

Radius: 4,909 km

Gravity: 0.78 g


Gamma Luna (B3)
Gamma Luna is the moon farthest from the gas giant, the the least terraformed of the three.  The moon's atmosphere is still too thin and a pressure suit is required while on the surface.

Distance: 702k km

Orbit: 45.1 hours

Temp: 260 K

Mass: 0.36 Earth

Radius: 4,508 km

Gravity: 0.72 g


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