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Silvanus is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Tucana Constellation of the Achernar Region.

When colonists first arrived in the system they named it Silvanus, after the Roman God of the woodlands.  A large mixture of settlers from various worlds throughout the region helped colonize the primary planet.


The primary planet's land masses are covered in thick, coniferous forests. The planet's climate is generally cold and damp. Snow is common most of the year over large areas of the planet.


The planet has a violent history as the many groups that settled it have grown together.  The planet is often locked in a bloody conflict. Refugees looking to escape the violence are spread throughout the region

System: Silvanus

Primary Star: TYC914228211

Stellar Type: K3V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.72

Luminosity: 0.20x Sun

Distance: 187.24 ly

Constellation: Tucana

Region: Achernar

Population: 600 Million


Silvanus Planets

Silvanus B
Silvanus B is a terrestrial world that orbits inside the habitable zone.  The planet is hot with a thick carbon dioxide and krypton atmosphere.  There are vast deposits of valuable minerals under the surface.

Distance: 0.29 AU

Orbit: 24 days

Temp: 397 K

Mass: 0.8 Earth

Radius: 6102 km

Gravity: 0.87 g

Rotation: 125 hours

Moon(s): 0


Silvanus C
Silvanus C is a habitable terrestrial world.  The planet's surface is separated into sprawling land masses divided by deep seas.  The hilly land areas are covered in dense coniferous forests.  The atmosphere is thick and often cloudy.  This mixed with the dense forests causes little sunlight to reach the ground, creating an environment that often feels damp and cold.

Distance: 0.54 AU

Orbit: 169 days

Temp: 278 K

Mass: 0.72 Earth

Radius: 5862 km

Gravity: 0.85 g

Rotation: 39 hours

Moon(s): 4


Silvanus D
Silvanus D is a cold terrestrial world that orbits far outside the habitable zone.  The planet has a thick atmosphere that is rich in nitrogen.  Parts of the planet can occasionally become cold enough for methane rain and snow.

Distance: 1.56 AU

Orbit: 836 days

Temp: 150 K

Mass: 1.29 Earth

Radius: 6866 km

Gravity: 1.11 g

Rotation: 19 hours

Moon(s): 2


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