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Shalimar is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Auriga Constellation of the Auriga Region.

Shalimar’s primary planet is one the worlds most similar to Earth in the Inner Sphere. With a similar size, composition, and temperature to Earth, there are also some significant differences. Most manly, the planet has a longer orbit, creating a lengthier year, with longer and more varied seasons.


Shalimar is the long-standing center of the Auriga Region, with a lengthy history of human habitation. The planet was one of the earliest to discover interstellar travel, and has been a beacon of technology and progress throughout the Inner Sphere.


Across the Inner Sphere, many worlds histories are centered around wars, violence, and destruction, they had to go through eons of human suffering to spur eventual advancement. Shalimar is different, it’s people have long preached peace and pacifism. A highly spiritual society, the ideals of Shalimar have spread across the Auriga Region and the Inner Sphere.

System: Shalimar

Primary Star: TYC33906631

Stellar Type: G5V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.02

Luminosity: 1.08x Sun

Distance: 240.4 ly

Constellation: Auriga

Region: Auriga

Population: 8 Billion


Shalimar Planets

Shalimar B
Shalimar B is warm world with a thick cloudy atmosphere composed of nitrogen with traces of sulfur dioxide.  The planets rocky surface is made up of mostly iron.

Distance: 0.49 AU

Orbit: 125 days

Temp: 373 K

Mass: 0.67 Earth

Radius: 5622 km

Gravity: 0.86 g

Rotation: 120 hours

Moon(s): 1


Shalimar C
Shalimar C is a large terrestrial world with an unusually thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide.  The planet contains reverses of valuable metals and has been mined extensively.

Distance: 0.71 AU

Orbit: 217 days

Temp: 325 K

Mass: 2.18 Earth

Radius: 8806 km

Gravity: 1.14 g

Rotation: 22 hours

Moon(s): 2


Shalimar D
Shalimar D is the system's primary planet.  A habitable world similar to Earth that is covered in 70% water, its land areas area situated in 4 main continents.  Centria Major and Centria Minor are located in the southern hemisphere, while Atlas and Mercator are in the northern hemisphere.

Distance: 1.12 AU

Orbit: 431 days

Temp: 285 K

Mass: 0.92 Earth

Radius: 6125 km

Gravity: 1.00 g

Rotation: 25 hours

Moon(s): 2


Shalimar E
Shalimar E is a large gas giant with over 3 times Jupiter’s mass. The planet is of composed of primarily of hydrogen and helium, with traces of methane and other gases.

Distance: 8.77 AU

Orbit: 25.7 years

Temp: 0 K

Mass: 3.16 Jupiter

Radius: 90254 km

Gravity: 5.01 g

Rotation: 7 hours

Moon(s): 19


Shalimar F
Shalimar F is a cold gas giant with just under half of Jupiter's mass.  The planet is a typical gas giant composed of mostly hydrogen and helium, along with traces of krypton and ammonia.

Distance: 14.55 AU

Orbit: 55 years

Temp: 64 K

Mass: 0.47 Jupiter

Radius: 54654 km

Gravity: 2.01 g

Rotation: 15 hours

Moon(s): 8


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