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Sephdar (Eta Sagittarii) is binary system in the Sargas Region consisting of red giant and a yellow/white f-class star separated by an average distance of 165 AU.  The red giant has a mass of 1.5 times that of Sol, with it's age of 3 billion years old it's nearing the end of its life.


The primary planet orbits the smaller companion star with conditions more conducive for life.  A warm tropical world that much of the planet's continents are covered in dense jungles.  The night sky is ruled by the red giant, during its closest pass the star can shine as bright as 150 full Earth Moons.


System: Sephdar

Primary Star: η Sagittarii

Distance: 149 ly

Constellation: Sagittarius

Age: 3 Billion

Region: Sargas

Population: 800 Million


Sephdar A

Stellar Type: M2III ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.5


Sephdar B

Stellar Type: F7V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.2


Sephdar B Planets

Sephdar Bb
Planet B is dusty, dry world lacking an atmosphere.  The planet's iron-rich surface is covered in craters.  Volcanic valley run across the planet's surface, the valley's are evidence of an ancient geologically active period.

Distance: 0.71 AU

Orbit: 199 days

Temp: 364 K

Mass: 6.50 Earth

Radius: 4074 km

Gravity: 0.60 g

Rotation: 97 hours


Sephdar Bc
The primary world is a warm tropical planet.  Dense jungles separated by large deserts make up the the the planet's two continents.  The majority of the population live in cities along the wetter, milder coastlines.

Distance: 1.33 AU

Orbit: 513 days

Temp: 306 K

Mass: 1.15 Earth

Radius: 6750 km

Gravity: 1.02 g

Rotation: 33 hours


Sephdar Bd
Sephdar Bc is a common hydrogen and helium gas giant with a size similar to Saturn.  The gas giant is orbited by 10 icy moons, a small colony was established on the largest moon.

Distance: 10.22 AU

Orbit: 29.8 years

Temp: 96 K

Mass: 0.54 Jupiter

Radius: 49,662 km

Gravity: 2.83 g

Rotation: 12 hours



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