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Senecta is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Columba Constellation of the Canopus Region.

Senecta has been located in an isolated part of the Canopus region.  Hidden under a dense nitrogen atmosphere, the system's primary planet has numerous enclosed cites that house the majority of the population, the rest live in orbital stations.


The planet has been considered as terraforming candidate, though it's thick atmosphere would have to be reduced, which is much more complicated than adding to a thin atmosphere.  No government or company has proposed any realistic projects.

System: Senecta

Primary Star: HD 46568

Stellar Type: G8III ☼

Mass (Sol): 2.12

Luminosity: 47.7x Sun

Distance: 272.9 ly

Constellation: Columba

Region: Canopus

Population: 2 Million


Senecta Planets

Senecta B
Senecta B is the system's primary planet, it's a terrestrial world draped under a dense nitrogen atmosphere.  The planets surface is composed of alkaline basalts with various metal deposits.

Distance: 7.41 AU

Orbit: 13.9 years

Temp: 247 K

Mass: 0.74 Earth

Radius: 5652 km

Gravity: 0.90 g

Rotation: 47 hours

Moon(s): 4


Senecta C
Senecta C is a rocky, terrestrial world with a thin argon atmosphere.  The planet's surface is composed of multiple layers of water and carbon dioxides ices.

Distance: 10.23 AU

Orbit: 22.5 years

Temp: 215 K

Mass: 1.19 Earth

Radius: 7275 km

Gravity: 0.91 g

Rotation: 94 hours

Moon(s): 4


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