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Semo Sancus


Semo Sancus is a planetary system orbiting a yellow g-class star in the Ursa Minor Constellation and the Polaris Region

The indigenous humans of Semo Sancus's primary planet for eons violently opposed colonization efforts from outside worlds.  As overcrowding problems on nearby Arazius and Polarian Prime, the Polaris Region's two most populated systems, started to grow, they looked at Semo Sancus as one of the worlds that would be the answer.


With Semo Sancus's history, the leaders knew any colonization attempt on the planet would be difficult.  They formed the Polarian Arazius Confederation (PAC), a colonization group combined with a strong military force.  With the military presence, PAC forces invaded the planet, only small clashes occurred with the indigenous people, as most choose not to challenge the newcomers.


Both groups lived peacefully on the planet for a few decades, new cities were built and the planet's population began to flourish.  Peace would not last forever, the Semo Sancus natives stood up against the PAC forces causing a major world war.  The war would drag on for years before eventually the PAC leaders would claim defeat and sign a peace treaty.  The PAC and Semo Sancus leaders agreed to peace treaty, it included that the majority of the PAC people would have to leave the planet, in the return they would be allowed safe passage.


Violating of the terms of the peace treaty, Semo Sancus forces attacked the PAC civilian ships while they were evacuating the planet.  In retaliation, the PAC executed what was called Operation Killswitch, from obit they bombarded the surface with a combination of biological and nuclear weapons.  The devastation was massive, millions were killed in the attacks, and countless more in the weeks after as the fallout spread across the entire planet. 


With the damage from the attack and the fallout, the majority of the surviving people would abandon the planet, relocating to nearby worlds as refugees.  Eventually the refugees would return to Semo Sancus and start rebuilding.

System: Semo Sancus

Primary Star: Semo Sancus

Stellar Type: G4V ☼

Distance: 351 ly

Constellation: Ursa Minor

Region: Polaris

Population: 70 Million


Semo Sancus Planets

Semo Sancus B
Semo Sancus B is small, hot terrestrial world without an atmosphere.  The planet's surface is composed or iron and magnesium, with deposits of titanium.  Small mining colonies exist near the planet's north pole.

Distance: 0.39 AU

Orbit: 90 days

Temp: 438 K

Mass: 0.09 Earth

Radius: 2928 km

Gravity: 0.43 g

Rotation: 59 hours



Semo Sancus C
Semo Sancus C is a habitable terrestrial world smaller than Earth.  The planet is covered in 70% water.  The land areas are separated into 3 continents, the largest is the main continent the size of Asia centered along the equator, two smaller continents sit over both poles.  The Operation Killswitch attack was based heavily on the main continent, where at the time most of the population lived.  Though the fallout from the attack spread over the entire planet.  Once the surviving refugees returned after the attack, the new colonization efforts were centered around the northern and southern continents, away from the damage on the main continent.

Distance: 1.23 AU

Orbit: 495 days

Temp: 282 K

Mass: 0.52 Earth

Radius: 5135 km

Gravity: 0.80 g

Rotation: 35 hours



Closest Inhabited Systems:



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Polarian Prime












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