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Seilus is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Carina Constellation of the Achernar Region.

Seilus is a junction system that connects the Achernar Region with the Canopus Region.  The system has been home to a partially habitable moon that orbits an usually large, terrestrial world.  The icy moon has housed a small population.


The majority of the population consists of scientists and their families.  The system's busy recharging and jump stations are located outside of the inner worlds.  Interstellar travellers often visit the stations in large numbers.

System: Seilus

Primary Star: HD 50569

Stellar Type: G5V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.88

Luminosity: 0.75x Sun

Distance: 216.2 ly

Constellation: Carina

Region: Achernar

Population: 10 Million


Seilus Planets

Seilus B
Seilus B is an unusually large, terrestrial world that orbits outside the habitable zone.  The massive world's surface is covered in various ice compounds.  The planet is orbited by a small, partially habitable moon that is home to a small population.

Distance: 3.99 AU

Orbit: 8.5 years

Temp: 108 K

Mass: 5.98 Earth

Radius: 145,82 km

Gravity: 1.14 g

Rotation: 71 hours

Moon(s): 1


Seilus C
Seilus C orbits
at a distance of over 21 AU.  The planet is a small gas giant with a common hydrogen helium atmosphere.  Traces of methane in the upper atmosphere give the planet its blue hue.

Distance: 21.01 AU

Orbit: 102.7 years

Temp: 46 K

Mass: 0.16 Jupiter

Radius: 37,091 km

Gravity: 1.52 g

Rotation: 15 hours

Moon(s): 18


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