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Salura is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Camelopardalis Constellation of the Polaris Region.

Salura is located at the outer edges of the Polaris Region.  The system's primary planet was settled by interstellar merchants, they were travelling from the Polaris Region to the Middle Regions.  The planet was setup a waypoint for those that were leaving the Inner Sphere for the Middle Regions.


Many travellers decided to stay on the planet and build a society.  The population grew with settlers from both the Polaris Region and worlds throughout the Middle Regions, this created a vast mixture of cultures.

System: Salura

Primary Star: TYC45376971

Stellar Type: G8V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.88

Luminosity: 0.71x Sun

Distance: 322.3 ly

Constellation: Camelprdlis

Region: Polaris

Population: 800 Million


Salura Planets

Salura B
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Distance: 0.24 AU

Orbit: 44 days

Temp: 483 K

Mass: 1.12 Earth

Radius: 6,712 km

Gravity: 1.01 g

Rotation: 65 hours

Moon(s): 0


Salura C
Salura C is the system's primary planet, a habitable, terrestrial world covered in 55% water.  The planet's land areas are separated into two large continents, Talaus in the northern hemisphere, while Nambi lies in the southern hemisphere.

Distance: 0.87 AU

Orbit: 348 days

Temp: 294 K

Mass: 1.31 Earth

Radius: 7,099 km

Gravity: 1.06 g

Rotation: 30 hours

Moon(s): 5


Salura D
Salura D is a gas giant that contains around half of Jupiter's mass.  The planet has a common hydrogen and helium atmosphere surrounded by layers methane.

Distance: 4.12 AU

Orbit: 9.9 years

Temp: 110 K

Mass: 0.49 Jupiter

Radius: 49,901 km

Gravity: 2.51 g

Rotation: 13 hours

Moon(s): 8


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